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After the release of sunflower Gantt Chart 1.5, it has won praise from many users. We have also made the following updates to Sunflower Gantt recently:

1. added the isusing attribute of each component in the Gantt chart to determine whether it is loaded. This allows users to flexibly display/hide components such as links and progress lines;
2. When the number of Gantt Chart tasks is relatively small, the Gantt chart is automatically tiled below to implement a more consistent Gantt Chart interface.
3. When you click the Gantt bar on the right, the list row on the left is automatically highlighted. When you click the list bar, the Gantt bar on the right is automatically highlighted. It is clearer when you select a task.
4. Implement row locating for a task. You can find a task by filtering conditions, and then display it to the interface center through the scrolltoelement method provided by the Gantt chart API. See sample

5. Automatically merge and compress the list column on the left of the Gantt Chart


Sunflower Gantt Chart introduction:

Sunflower Gantt is an advanced Gantt Chart solution developed in the B/S system. It adopts the same Ajax technology as Google Maps and implements the same interface and functions as the Gantt chart of the MS Project, it can be widely used in ERP system, MES system, project management system, or other resource time scheduling fields.

The XML Core attribute of sunflower Gantt data is exactly the same as that of MS Project. You can directly read the XML file of MS Project. In addition, because sunflower Gantt is fully implemented using Ajax technology, it has at least the following advantages over other Gantt components:

It is fully implemented using JS and has nothing to do with the server development language and can be run on any server platform;
It can be easily integrated with existing systems;
Reduces the burden on servers and bandwidth, and saves space and bandwidth rental costs;
The client can run without installing any plug-ins;
Supports most mainstream browsers, such as IE, Firefox, and opera;
Basic user operations do not require interaction with the server, resulting in a smooth and friendly user experience.
The sunflower Gantt Chart supports dynamic loading of data from the server. The advanced on-demand loading technology enables users to easily cope with the presentation of large data volumes.


Sunflower task Gantt chart:


Sunflower compression Gantt Chart:




Sunflower Gantt chart is a free web graphics development component. It provides a rich set of user secondary development APIs and complete online documentation. For more information, see


Users can easily integrate it into existing web systems, regardless of Java, DOTNET or PHP.

In addition, our company also provides paid services for users.For more professional consulting and upgrade services, Thank you for your encouragement and support to the sunflower Gantt development team!


Chinese website:Http://
English website:Http://

Sunflower Gantt Chart components QQ chat group: 63867839



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