Recently used Linux commands

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Scp-r/home/space/music/[Email protected]:/home/root/others/remote server copy file

Copy from remote to local

SCP [Email protected]/

LS-LHT will list the size of all files in the current directory and the sum of all file sizes.

DF-LH Disk Size

Rpm-i The package file name that needs to be installed

Examples are as follows:

Rpm-i example.rpm installation example.rpm package;

Rpm-iv example.rpm installs the example.rpm package and displays the file information that is being installed during the installation process;

RPM-IVH example.rpm installs the example.rpm package and displays the file information and installation progress during the installation process;

LS |wc-l View the number of files in the directory

Find. -name "*.jpg" > PictureName.txt gets the file name ending in. jpg in the current directory and outputting it to the PictureName.txt file

Ps-ef|grep java Viewing process

Netstat-an | grep 11188

Chown-r Root. Recursively change the current directory ownership to root

Package all files and folders under this directory as in the current directory/home/blinux/html/


Root User Execution NETSTAT-NTUPL

n indicates that DNS is not queried

T represents the TCP protocol

U means UDP protocol

P indicates that the query occupies a program L indicates that the query is listening to the program

# # #或 # # #

Lsof-i: 8000 Query 8000 port running program

Free-m Linux View memory size

Mount NFS (Mount remote data to local)

Recently used Linux commands

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