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ADSL sharing the Internet there are two ways, one is the agent, one is address translation (NAT), we often say that the route is actually
Is the NAT way, in fact, the principle of routing and NAT still have a difference, here does not discuss, the current ADSL cat generally has NAT
function, it is more convenient to share the Internet with its own function, this paper mainly discusses this way. Turn
If you want to block more than one computer on the Internet, you must be able to find out if there are more than one machine behind it, and Nat works as shown.
As shown, the address of the computer that accesses the intranet after NAT conversion has become and the MAC address is turned
Replaced by the ADSL MAC address, that is to say, from the principle, directly in the ADSL exit after the NAT conversion package is not able to send
How many machines are on the internet now? How did you find it? It has been found that it uses a variety of methods to detect whether a user
Use the shared way to access the Internet, so that the restrictions, the following respectively to crack:
A. Check whether there is a different MAC address in the packet of the same IP address, and if so, the user should share the Internet. Cracked the office
The method is to change the MAC address of each machine to the same. The modified method is as follows:
The first thing to get the Mac:mac address of this machine is the physical address of the serial eeprom that is cured on the network card, usually 48 bits long. To
The network switch realizes packet exchange and transfer according to the MAC source address and Mac destination address in the header of a piece of information.
⑴ in Windows 98/me, click "Start" → "Run" → enter "winipcfg" → carriage return.
⑵ in Windows 2000/XP, click "Start" → "Run" → enter "CMD" → return → enter
"Ipconfig/all" → carriage return.
or right-click the local connection icon, select the status and click the Support tab, where "Details" include Mac and other
Important network parameters.
1, if your network card driver has directly provided cloning MAC address function, such as Realtek company out of the RTL8139 chip, then congratulations
, click "start → settings → control Panel", double-click "Network and Dial-up Connection", right click on the need to modify the MAC address
Network card icon, and select "Properties". On the General tab, click the "Configure" button and click on the "Advanced" tab
。 In the properties area, you should be able to see a call to "network address" or "locally administered
Address, click on it, and at the bottom of the "value" on the right, enter the value of the Mac you want to specify. To enter 12 continuously
Number or letter, do not enter "-" in between. After you restart the system, the settings will take effect (Windows 98 and
Windows 2000/xp user actions are slightly different, please refer to the System description action
2, if your network card driver does not provide cloning MAC address function, then provide a number of methods below, hoping to find a suitable
It's yours.
WIN98 under:
A. Right click on the Online Neighborhood icon, select Properties, come out a network dialog box, in the Configuration box, double-click you want to modify the
Network card, out of a Network Card properties dialog box. In the advanced option, it is also clicked on the network address item under the attribute ID,
Select one of the two single options on the right, and then enter the MAC address of the NIC you want to modify in the box, and then click OK after the system
Will prompt you to reboot. After reboot, your network card address will be modified successfully!!
B. Click "Start → run", type "winipcfg", select the network card you want to modify, and record the MAC address value. Click
Start → run, enter "regedit" to run Registry Editor (be sure to back up the registry before you modify the registry)
, according to the registry tree structure, locate in sequence
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Class\Net," you'll see something like
"0000", "0001", "0002", such as the child keys. From the "0000" subkey Start click, and then look for subkeys under the sub key
The contents of the "DriverDesc" key until you find the NIC registry information that is exactly the same as the target we are looking for.
When the correct network card is found, click the Pull-down menu "edit → new → string" and the string name is called
"NetworkAddress", you can enter a value by double-clicking on the new "NetworkAddress" string name.
Enter the new MAC address value you specified. The new MAC address should be a 12-digit number or letter, in which there is no "-", class
Looks like "00c095ecb761".
There are two ways to activate a new MAC address:
If you are using a normal built-in network card, you must restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
If you are using a PCMCIA card, you can follow these steps without restarting the operating system: Run
Winipcfg, select and release DHCP settings, and turn off winipcfg. Open the Control Panel or system tray PC card
(PCMCIA), stop and eject the PCMCIA NIC. Reinsert the PCMCIA network card, open winipcfg, select and Refresh DHCP
Set, run Winipcfg, make sure the modified MAC address is in effect
WIN2000 under:
A. On the Desktop Network Neighborhood icon on the right click, select Properties, in the out of the Internet and dial-up Connection window generally has two icons
, one is the new connection icon, and one is my connection icon. If you have two network adapters on your machine, there are three.
icon. If you only have one network card, then right click on my Connection icon, select Properties, will come out a My connection
The window for the property. In the upper part of the image with a connection to use: The logo, the following is the network card model on your machine. Next
There is a configuration button, click on the button to enter the Network Card Properties dialog box, this dialog box has five property pages
, click on the second Advanced page, there are two items under the attribute ID: one is link Speed/duplex mode, this is to set up the network card worker
For speed, we need to change the following is a network address, click on the item, in the dialog box on the right side of the value logo has
Two single option, default is not present, we just select one of the above single option, and then in the right box to enter the you want to change
Network card MAC address, point OK, wait for a while, the network card address changed well, you do not even have to stop using the NIC!
You can also in the Settings Manager, open the network card Properties page to modify, the effect is the same.
B.1. In "hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\control\class\4d36e972-e325-
11ce-bfc1-08002be10318\0000, 0001, 0002 "etc under the primary key, because you may have installed more than one network
Card, so under this primary key the bun can have multiple primary keys similar to "0000, 0001", at which point you can find
DriverDesc content is the primary key that matches the description of the NIC you want to modify, such as "0000".

2. Under the primary key mentioned above, add a string named "NetworkAddress" and set its value to the Mac you want
Address, write  as "001010101010" consecutively.

3. Then go to the primary key "Ndi\params" to add a "networkaddress" primary key value, under the primary key to add a name
For "Default" string, write the value of the MAC address to be set, to write consecutively, such as "001010101010".

"Note" is actually just the "initial value" set in the advanced properties mentioned later, and the actual MAC address is determined by
The "networkaddress" argument mentioned in 2nd, and once set, the value in the later advanced attribute is
The value given by "networkaddress" is not given by "default".

4. Continue to add a string named "Paramdesc" under the primary key of "networkaddress", which acts as a specified
A description of the "networkaddress" primary key, whose value can be "MAC address" (or optionally set, which is just a description
, it doesn't matter, this value will appear as a description when you modify the MAC address directly later, so reboot once
To open the properties of the network neighbor later, double click on the corresponding network card entry will find an advanced setting with MAC address (
Is the option that you set in front of the paramdesc, such as figure (^29041103a^) 1), which is where you in the second step in the registry
Add the new item "NetworkAddress", in the future as long as you modify the MAC address on it.

5. Close the Registry Editor, reboot, your network card address has been changed well. Open the properties of the network neighbor, double-click the appropriate
The network card entry will find an advanced setting for MAC address. For directly modifying the MAC address and does not require a reboot
You can make changes to your Mac at any time.
WinXP under
Most network adapters can change their MAC address by modifying the network card properties in the Control Panel. In Device Manager,
Right-click the NIC icon that requires the MAC address to be modified and select the Properties/Advanced tab. In the properties area, you can
To see a project called "Network Address" or something similar to a name, click it, and on the right "value" below
, enter the MAC address value you want to specify. To enter 12 hexadecimal digits or letters consecutively, do not enter "-" in between.
In addition, a few can modify the Mac software can be run under the XP/W2K, we can go online search, so here is not detailed
introduced the
Linux under
Need to use #ifconfig eth0 down to disable the NIC first, and then use ifconfig eth0 hw ether 1234567890ab,
So we can make it work.
If you want to change permanently, add these three sentences to the/etc/rc.d/rc.local (you can also add three lines to the/etc/init.d/network.)
Ifconfig eth0 Down
ifconfig eth0 hw ether 1234567890ab
Ifconfig eth0 up
If you want to restore the MAC address of the NIC, simply select the single option on the right side of the network to the following
One is not shown and then restarted. Under WIN2000, the selection does not exist and, of course, it does not have to be restarted.
Second, through SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to find multiple computer sharing Internet. Some routers and ADSL cats built in SNMP services
, through scanning software (Ipscan, Superscan ...) Scan, found 161 ports open, 161 is SNMP (Simple network
The service port of the network Management Protocol, is the number of hosts discovered through the SNMP protocol, and the cat is scanned with Xscan.
, there is a default password, login to the management interface of the cat but could not find the place to shut down the SNMP service, it seems to be left behind the back door,
This basically determines the number of hosts found through the SNMP protocol. To further confirm, a management software using SNMP
ACTIVESNMP View the ADSL cat connection, as shown in Figure II, it is clear that the SNMP protocol can be found at the same time
Number of hosts on the network.
1. If the cat can shut down the SNMP protocol, then the SNMP use of the 161 port to prohibit the line. Use a router or open an ADSL cat's
Routing mode sharing Internet friends can access the admin interface to turn off SNMP options by shutting it down. If the cat's admin interface is irrelevant
The closed SNMP option has to buy a router that does not have SNMP services, such as Tp-link tl-r400, to the ADSL Moden and
Hub in the middle, the following figure. Make a NAT service in the router so that the one that goes into the ADSL cat is an address, so
Solve the shared Internet. Note that you want to turn off the SNMP protocol in the router.
2. Modify the configuration file, you can convert the configuration to a file, use the binary Editing tool to modify the default password, and then load
Into the cat, which was only a thought, had not been tried
Thirdly, the number of concurrent ports is monitored, and the number of originator is more than that of set.
This is an annoying setting, "network Vanguard" constantly scan the number of ports opened by users, more than the set value of the sentence
Break is shared, sometimes even press several times F5 key it is considered to be shared, even a single user online also affected, this can not be cracked
(Unless you put the Network Vanguard Black), my solution here is to pretend to be innocent users to the ISP's customer service phone lambaste, and sound
Ming is not good to change ISP, in a moment the network is normal.
Four, "Network Vanguard" also uses the Unknown method to detect the shared information from the shared computer, the current solution
Is all shared clients to install a firewall, the security level is set to the highest, because of limited conditions, only a few of the test
Firewall, found that Jinshan Network Dart V ( useful, the IP configuration rules
All of the inside allow other people to access the local rules do not, allow ping this machine do not, prevent ICMP,IGMP attack also to tick
。 If it is WinXP, open the network firewall for the NIC.
Take the above method of cracking, in their own local area network can not see the computer, and WinXP open the network firewall of the NIC,
In QQ can not transfer files, speed slowed down, but finally can be shared, if there is a good way, please let us know.
In general, "Network Vanguard" is an immature product, mainly because he also has an impact on the single user, browsing the Internet
Page often to refresh several times, some pages more complex, to call several server files when it also when you are sharing, resulting in web pages
Part cannot be displayed. And because the "network Vanguard" scanning the user's port to occupy bandwidth, resulting in slow speed

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