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I've made an article above where to find creative inspirationArticle, enumerating some of the websites I visited frequently when I was looking for design inspiration. At the end of the article, I threw a question to you: "What site would you go to look for design inspiration?" ”。 Below that, is some reader recommend the website. Some I have not heard, some sites are already in my favorites:)
No more nonsense-16 reader The number of columns that are frequently accessed are as follows:
1. the best Designs

Provider: Chandan (Digg profile)

I've introduced this best Designs before, so this time I'm not counting its merits. For friends who don't know much about this site, the best Designs is an excellent site for high quality XHTML and flash design. Each website design will be tagged with related tags (such as Bold, colorful, CSS) to make it easier for you to find what you want.
2. CSS remix

Provider: Chandan (Digg profile)

According to CSS remix, they are "the home of a fresh Web2.0 best design Site" (although some of the sites are not Web 2.0). With more than 14,000 RSS subscribers, CSS Remix is definitely one of the most popular web sites where designers find others to design their work.
3. CSS Mania

Supplied by: Pat of Atrick Design

CSS mania is a Web site with many design-style CSS sites, and newer and more frequent. So far, it has collected more than 10,000 websites. Recommended CSS Mania's brother said: "This station collection of site design quality is not all very high." ”
4. Screenfluent

Provided by: Damien

Screenfluent is a very good design site acquisition station. The great thing about this site is that it allows you to first open a cool window to let you preview. More than 7,000 designs, and a lot of content.

Supplied by: Sachleen Sandhu of Tehkubix Blog

Collection of more than 9,800 website designs. You can rate each website by 1 stars to 5 stars, and you can also leave a message for each website design. You can also classify searches by the star and update time of the design.
6. Open Source Web Design

Supplied by: Sachleen Sandhu of Tehkubix Blog

The Open Source Web Design is a community that allows users to upload and publish Web designs. You can download the design works on the site for free. Can be a simple browsing site design can also be downloaded to study learning.
7. One Page Love

Supplied by: Adelle of Fuel Your creativity

One page love this website design collects the station collection generally is some beautiful, the creative complete Single-page website design. Categories include: Product display, personal files, temporary pages and festivals and so on.
8. Fullsingle

Supplied by: Adelle of Fuel Your creativity

Fullsingle is another Web site designed to collect a single page. The latest design will be accompanied by a simple introductory note.
9. One Page folios

Supplied by: Adelle of Fuel Your creativity

If the above 2 single page site design is not enough to satisfy you, just try this one. There are more than 800 designs here, and each site design has been edited.
We Love WP

Supplied by: Adelle of Fuel Your creativity

We Love WP Collection is some of the great WordPress site design.
CSS Divine

Provided by: Jess

A Web site designed for CSS. Click on the side bar color swatch, you can make color classification query, so that you are very convenient to find the theme of their own color website design. Site categories include: Art, business sites, concise type and so on.
Design Snack

Provider: Justin Scheetz of Design Snac

In their own words, this is "the designer's own collection box." Design Snack contains both XHTML and flash designs. You can customize the presentation of your site design works, vote for each design, or browse through the design works through tones.
SF Art & Design Portal

Provided by: CINDYF

SF Art & Design Portal is a website created by a studio in Amsterdam. Collection of website design is through artificial selection. You can browse by category, style, hue, or even country.
Design Shack
Supplied by: Stefan Alexandru of Stefan Alexandru

First-class CSS site design of the collection. The design works of the station are the first-class works of "Excellent selection and optimization". At the same time, they also have a number of web design aspects of the content of the tutorial.

Provider: CSS Loaf of Cssloaf

Cssloaf has integrated 35 of other web design sites, so you don't have to waste your time visiting so many websites. They feature a large screenshot of the page so you don't have to bother looking at the small screenshot.

Provider: Luke Robinson (Twitter profile)

Edustyle is dedicated to the design of educational websites in colleges and universities.
Thank you for your site, if you like the site is not listed here also does not matter, reply, we will put your good station also updated in this article:

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