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I recently learned about artificial intelligence and found that it is very difficult to get started, and there is little relevant information on the Internet. Some good websites are included here.

1. AI investigator Club (URL:

This is a virtual space suitable for AI researchers to exchange ideas, exchange ideas, and exchange resources. It is mainly divided into comprehensive discussions and interest groups (currently, it includes robot production and speech recognition), resource sharing, classification discussion (independent discussion groups are opened for different modules of Artificial Intelligence) and website Alliance modules. Quick content updates and rich resources can provide real-time development trends and teaching reference information for teachers and students carrying out AI education.

2. Zhejiang University distance education network course "Ai basics" (website: http: // /)

This is the largest provider of educational resources in China-the Higher Education Press. In the national fight against SARS, in order to better serve the Education of Higher Education Institutions, A high-quality online teaching course provided to college teachers and students. It systematically introduces the basic principles, methods, and application technologies of artificial intelligence from the perspective of engineering application, and fully reflects the latest development of research and application both inside and outside China. The course consists of three parts: introduction, basic, and improvement, which are suitable for students in different learning stages.

American Association for artificial intelligence ( /)

Founded in 1979, the American Artificial Intelligence Association (aaai) is a non-profit scientific community organization dedicated to the Research of Intelligent thinking and intelligent behavior for machines. In addition, improving public understanding of AI, teaching and training of AI practitioners, and providing guidance to researchers and investors in the AI field are also part of aaai practices.

Aaai activities include organizing and innovating seminars, seminars and topic forums; issuance of quarterly magazines, publications, Conference records and technical reports for all members; honors and scholarships are granted to Members who have contributed to the AI field and students with potential for development.

The website is rich in content and covers the following aspects:

AI topic-about AI learning;

Publications-artificial intelligence journal magazines, Conference records, and technical reports;

Honors-About Honors and scholarships;

Resources-Information on AI policies and President's speeches;

Membership System-information about joining aaai members;

Artificial Intelligence member library-Summary and full text of artificial intelligence technology papers;

Conference-aaai conference information;

Organization-information about aaai functional personnel.

4. American Computer Society student magazine Crossroads (ACM crossroads student magazin URL:

This is the first electronic publication of the American Computer Association, mainly serving students. Readers can search for all articles and works on the website through different indexing methods, such as the author's name, publication date, column name, article topic, related pictures, and topic comments, weekly polls. This website encourages all students in the world to take the initiative to participate in the construction of this website and actively serve as student authors, art design, commentator or student liaison officers for each issue, to jointly promote the development of electronic magazines at the crossroads.

5. AI education knowledge base (AI education repository URL: /~ Manaris/AI-education-repository/index.html)

The website contains information about artificial intelligence teaching materials, syllabus, and instructional design examples. It also provides educational papers related to artificial intelligence and online tutorials on various topics, it is a virtual space suitable for tools and environments for classroom or lab teaching, as well as for users to easily exchange their experiences and experiences in AI education.

All resources of the website are organized in two ways. The first is to classify resources in general, it consists of four parts: AI teaching material information, AI curriculum syllabus, AI education tools suitable for classroom or lab teaching, and other related resources. The second is to classify resources by specific themes, including expert systems, fuzzy logic, knowledge representation, logic and reasoning, natural language processing, neural networks, robotics, search and gaming, computer vision, and other related topics, each topic consists of four modules: Overview, tutorial, tool, and resource.

6. Intelligent proxy home site: /)

Intelligent proxy is one of the application fields of Artificial Intelligence. In the middle school AI course teaching, the basic concepts and working principles of intelligent proxy are introduced appropriately, and students can interact with intelligent proxy instances, this will not only make it feel the wisdom and human services of intelligent agents, but also bring a strong interest in AI course learning through the hands-on experience of intelligent agents.

The agentland website is dedicated to the development and management of various types of intelligent agents and organizes them reasonably to help people find appropriate personal assistants on the website. When you enter the website, a smart agent named Cybelle will welcome you and guide you through the entire website. If you ask her a question, she will be happy to answer your question.

The entire website consists of five parts: Learning (basic knowledge about intelligent proxy), discovering (accessing various types of intelligent proxy), and downloading (downloading the smart proxy you need from the download center) sharing (sharing the experience of using smart agents, communicating problem solutions, asking questions, discussing the latest events, and posting discussions about smart agents) and shopping (purchase the latest products related to AI Application Development ).

7. Symbolic operation software Mathematica website (URL: /)

Mathematica is a famous symbolic computing software. It provides a large number of demo programs that use Mathematica to solve practical problems, students can use this website to run the corresponding symbol computing software online and perform symbol operations such as polynomial multiplication, division, and factorization. In fact, in the middle school mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and other disciplines, the above symbol operation software can be used to solve a large number of symbol operation problems.

8. SETI @ Home -- "finding aliens at home" website (website:

SETI @ Home uses artificial intelligence neural networks and distributed computing ideas to "Search for the seti" by using the idle power of thousands of computers connected to the Internet )". Through SETI @ Home, computer users around the world will cooperate in this large-scale scientific experiment. Each participant can use their computers to detect the faint buzz of a local civilization by downloading and running the screen saver. By understanding or participating in the SETI @ Home Project, students not only have a perceptual knowledge of the concepts of neural networks and distributed computing in the AI field, we can also feel the value of artificial intelligence technology serving modern civilization.

9. Expert System expertise2go website (URL: /)

Expert systems are an important part of AI courses. In high school, the requirements for expert systems are limited to demonstration or use of simple production expert system software, so as to have a perceptual knowledge of expert systems; A simple expert system shell can be used from a simple Expert System developed by the Bank.

Expertise2go is a network-based expert system website that provides multiple rules-based expert system instances for users, such as online "PC product consultants" and auto fault diagnosis assistants, bank lending decision assistant and data analysis Technical Assistant. In addition, the website provides a free e2glite Expert System Shell download and provides online tutorials to introduce the basic concepts of the expert system and rule-based reasoning, the presentation and handling of uncertain facts and introduction to the knowledge engine guide users to design and create their own knowledge bases, and finally develop their own expert systems using the e2glite Expert System Shell.

10. Parallel logic programming website parallel logic programming (URL:

This website mainly introduces the expert system products for Education and Training Services: intermodeller and conception. The former is the main tool for creating classification models. By using intermodeller, learners can design interactive information models for various themes, that is, expert systems. The latter is a new Information Representation tool, which is dedicated to developing an information map-semantic network for learning, teaching, research, and communication.

11. Artificial Intelligence language Visual Prolog learning website (URL: /)

Visual Prolog is a powerful artificial intelligence logic programming language. It was designed by the prolog development center and has been developed to version 6.0.

Visual Prolog provides fast website updates and rich resources. Currently, this website provides examples developed by Visual Prolog, software downloads for Visual Prolog Personal Edition, online tutorials, knowledge bases, FAQs, and other topics.

Original article: AI education resources on the Internet
Author: Yang yinhui (Department of Education Technology, Zhejiang Normal University)

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