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We recommend a free PS extension plug-in, css3ps, which is easy to use. You can convert effects such as PhotoShop layer effects to css3 Code directly without having to query the css3 code on the webpage, you do not need to manually view the special data on the PS layer to compile the css3 code, which greatly improves the efficiency of coding. If you pass by, you will miss it! Come on, go to the topic !!!

This is the mixed option menu for Photoshop cs5 layers.


With css3ps, the special effects above can be used to export css3 Code directly ~

Sample Code of css3 Based on WebKit:

Rounded border:-WebKit-border-radius: 5px; Module shadow:-WebKit-box-Shadow: 1px 1px rgba (0, 0 ,. 45); Module shadow:-WebKit-box-Shadow: Inset 0 20px rgba (255,255,255 ,. 55); text shadow: 3px 4px 5px rgba (4,0, 0 ,. 75); text shadow: Inset 3px 4px 5px rgba (0, 0, 0 ,. 75); In-module light:-WebKit-box-Shadow: Inset 0 0 17px rgba (255,255,190 ,. 41); text light: Text-Shadow: Inset 0 0 5px rgba (249,247,189 ,. 75); linear gradient:-WebKit-linear-gradient (bottom, rgba (222,0, 120 ,. 74), rgba (255,150, 0 ,. 74 ));

These effects can be converted to css3 code with one click, which is very simple to operate...


Design Example PSD source file:


Install css3psOfficialVideo tutorial:


Download for Adobe Photoshop cs5 and CS6

Download for Adobe Photoshop CS3 and cs4

Install Photoshop cs5 and CS6 (for official tutorials ):

1. If Adobe Photoshop is running, disable it.

2. Download the "css3ps. zpx" file.

3. Click "accept" in Adobe Extension Manager.

4. After the installation program is complete, you will see the following picture. Now you can run Adobe Photoshop.

5. Select "window"> "extension"> "css3ps" menu item in Adobe Photoshop.

6. Congratulations! Now you can select your layer and convert their CSS.

Use scripts in Photoshop CS3 and cs4(Visit the official tutorial)

1. Select the layer to be converted

2. Select "file"> "script"> "Browse ...".

3. Select the "css3ps. jsx" file.

4. The script runs and opens the conversion result in a browser window.


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