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As we all know that the score of the topcoder algorithm competition is calculated by the time you used to complete a problem. Since you opened a problem, the score is decreasing.

Kawigiedit can generate the code framework (the package including, the class name, the method name) automatically and help ypu to focus on the algorithm part.

1. download the latest kawigiedit jar (currently 2.1 a. k. a pivanofedit 1.0) to your computer
2. Launch the competition arena and log in to your account
3. Choose "options"-"Editor"-"add"
4. For "name", enter "kawigiedit" (or whatever you want it to be called, it doesn't really matter)
5. For "entrypoint", enter "kawigi. kawigiedit" (This one does matter ).
6. for "classpath", hit "Browse" and find the kawigiedit jar. you shoshould not have a previous version of kawigiedit in the global classpath (in the text field on the top of the editor preferences DIALOG ). and click OK.
7. Check the "default" box next to the new entry in the table. And then click "save ".

How to use:

1. Generating code:

When opened a probelem (Here we use tchs SRM 3 Div 1 as a example, I choose Java as my programming language). Let's see the definition from the problem statement:

Class: kidswordgame
Method: getcheater
Parameters: String [], string [], string []
Returns: int
Method Signature: int getcheater (string [] First, string [] Second, string [] third)

And then, see what kawigiedit does for us. click "generate code", it will generate the code framework according to the problem statement for you as fellow :( it can be modified in the "configration ", but default codes can work perfectly for most people)

Import java. util .*;
Import java. util. RegEx .*;
Import java. Text .*;
Import java. Math .*;

Public class kidswordgame
Public int getcheater (string [] First, string [] Second, string [] third)


<%: Testing-code %>

Isn' t that amazing? What you need to do is just finishing the method.

2. Test code locally:

When finished the code, click "run tests" to test you code using the cases which are provided in the problem statement. it will goes to the output tab and displays the result of your code for each cases. when all cases match the expected result, it will displays "you're a stud (at least on the example cases )! ", And now you can submit your code to topcoder.

There are a lot of more features and kawigiedit is highly customizable.

Download-kawigiedit 2.1

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