Recommended for excellent Swift open-source projects and excellent Swift open-source projects

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Recommended for excellent Swift open-source projects and excellent Swift open-source projects


  • SwiftyJSON: The Most developer-recognized JSON parsing class on GitHub
  • Safe. ijaimi: one-click vulnerability analysis and detection tool
  • Dollar. swift: Swift Lo-Dash (or underscore) functional tool Library
  • OAuthSwift: OAuth authorization class library for mainstream foreign websites
  • PathKit: small and beautiful path management class
  • XCGLogger: a fully functional Log Management Library
  • Surge: encapsulation Library Based on Apple Accelerate high performance computing framework
  • Async: simple background code encapsulation Library
  • Euler: an intuitive and concise mathematical expression, namely, 27, + Σ [, 2]
  • LocationManager: geographic location management encapsulation Library
  • Siren: When an application is updated, the user is notified and the App Store link is provided.
  • BrightFutures: long or complex computing is completed asynchronously by independent threads.

Storage Class

  • SQLite. swift: simple and lightweight. It uses the most SQL SQLite encapsulation library.
  • Realm: the ambition to replace Core Data and SQLite mobile Databases

Network Type

  • Alamofire: the famous AFNetworking network base library Swift language version
  • Starscream: WebSocket client class library


  • ImageScout: obtains the image size and type at the minimum network cost.
  • DominantColor: Sample project for extracting the Dominant Color of an image
  • Toucan: small and beautiful image conversion and processing class
  • Gifu: High-Performance GIF display class library
  • HanekeSwift: lightweight, high-performance image loading component with Cache

Interface Class

  • Animated-tab-bar: a library of smart animation label bar, which is used in storyboard.
  • SwiftForms: Form submission library, a quick tool for development
  • BWWalkthrough: Add smart animation effects to the interface Switch
  • PNChart-Swift: Chart control library with animation Effects
  • SweetAlert-iOS: pop-up window encapsulation class with animation Effects
  • AnimatedTabBar: Smart animation label bar class library
  • KYCircularProgress: Process entry can be set in simple and practical paths.
  • FloatLabelFields: Float Label Pattern floating Label input effect class
  • MapManager: map and path management package Library


  • AsyncDisplayKit: provides high-smoothness switching and more responsive responses on the interface.
  • Cartography: code-Level Automatic Layout encapsulation framework
  • MMWormhole: communication framework between iOS extensions and host applications
  • NetworkObjects: lightweight version of HttpServer framework, cross-platform solution
Sample project

  • LTMorphingLabel
  • AEXML: Simple and Easy XML parsing class and example
  • Whereami: obtains the geographic location of the current device through the command line.
  • Design-Patterns: common Design Patterns and Examples
  • HamburgerButton-Menu/Close: both the design and code are carefully crafted.
  • HamburgerButton-Menu/Back: According to the blog, developers have rich experience in animation development.

Complete application

  • Edhita: a text editor that supports Markdown and HTML preview.
  • Firefox-ios: large pure Swift project from Mozilla Development Team
  • SwiftWeather: Fresh and elegant continuous improvement weather forecast project
  • VPNOn: VPN switch application in the notification center
  • IOS code encryption: the first release in China. Security Protection for iOS apps is now available.

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