Recommended several JavaScript libraries to make Web page scrolling animations

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Here's a collection of some great JavaScript libraries and plugins for making web scrolling animations. Some of them can help you to add dynamic element animations while scrolling through the page, and others to implement the most popular full-screen page transition animations. With these plugins, you can also get your website up and up.


Scrollreveal.js is used to create and manage the animated effects of elements as they enter the viewable area, helping your site to add appeal. Just add the Data-scrollreveal attribute to the element, and it will automatically be triggered when the element enters the viewable area.

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Scrollmagic is a jQuery plugin that lets you use the scroll bar just like you would with a progress bar. This plug-in is exactly what you need if you want to start an animation at a specific scrolling position and have the animation synchronize the scrollbar action, or stick the element in a specific scroll position.

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The full-screen scrolling effect is a recently popular form of web design that gives users a good visual and interactive experience. Pagepiling.js this jQuery plugin can help front-end developers easily achieve this effect. Supports all major browsers, including ie8+, to support mobile devices.

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On some pages, when you scroll the page you will see a variety of animation effects, very dynamic. Wow.js is a plugin to help you achieve this CSS animation, it's easy to customize, you can change the animation settings like style, delay, length, offset and iteration.

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Scrollme is a jQuery plugin that adds a simple scrolling effect to a Web page. When you scroll down the page, Scrollme can zoom, rotate and pan the elements on the page. It is easy to set up and does not require any custom JavaScript code support.

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Parallax.js is a simple, lightweight parallax engine that responds to the direction of smart devices. Use the position of the cursor instead when there is no gyroscope or motion detection hardware available. There are a lot of behaviors that you can set for any given parallax instance. These behaviors can be called either through the data properties specified in the markup or through constructors and JavaScript APIs.

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Recommended several JavaScript libraries to make Web page scrolling animations

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