Recommended several popular web testing tools

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Web site testing is a common approach in web development, which is used to test the speed, usability, and performance of Web sites. A site must have a good user experience for cross-browser compatibility. Today will discuss popular web testing tools, which is very helpful to improve the performance of our website.

    • Page Speed online This is a well-known web-based application of the Chrome browser extension in the input box to fill in the Web address, click "Analysis Performance", you can get Google to give the "desktop recommendations", which refers to the view of the PC under the recommendation, you can also specify " Mobile Recommendations ". Page Speed online Parses the contents of the Web page and then generates suggestions about how to improve the page's speeds.
    • Pingdom,pingdom tools, is a free online service that allows you to test your website load speed, you just need to enter your URL, you can easily get a copy of your website loading details, including pictures, CSS, javascripts, Flash, RSS, and more.
    • Load Impactload Impact is a very important site testing tool that lets users know how many users are accessing a site from different locations at the same time. He also analyzed how quickly the site was loaded from the server. When you enter the URL, notice that you see the page load time. He will use 50 concurrent users in different locations to test the speed and upload time of a website. Thanks to his ease of use, he is now widely used around the world.
    • Browser Mob This is also a very important tool to measure the speed of the site can also measure the user's website speed, is also very practical
    • Bowserabrowsera primarily checks the browser's Web site. This is easy to check for cross-browser design and error scripts. Bowsera examines each browser and compares different cross-browser layouts with each other, and reports errors that occur in any browser. It's easy to test dynamic and overall site page performance
    • Host Tracker is a comprehensive network to provide speed of the website, from more than 30 servers worldwide access to your site, a full range of information about your site is visited, the speed of the results, respectively, the data, such as the performance and availability of the network test tools, which monitor the site errors, And in the daily, monthly, or annual send notice to the webmaster it supports the head/http/post process.
    • Web Page Analyzerweb Page Analyzer is a very important test tool to measure the overall performance of speed, load time, upload time and site availability.

Recommended several popular web testing tools

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