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Shengxia Yang hot drop, yunyun fumigation, moisture on the Teng, moisture filled, so in this season, feel more wet evil. In traditional Chinese medicine, wet is Yin Xie, its nature tends to be down, heavy turbidity viscosity, easy to suppress the air, damage Yang Qi, therapeutic medicated diet to heat clearing heat is appropriate
The hot summer season is the fastest growing period of warm and warm crops, and the most common season in rural fields. People in some areas of China have a hot summer climate and a hot and rainy summer, the heat is easy to take advantage of the heat and fill in the heat, the heart is easy to lose, especially the elderly, children, the weak body is often difficult to raise, resulting in summer, heatstroke and other diseases. If you have symptoms such as obvious fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, chest tightness, inattention, sweating, numbness of the limbs, thirst, and nausea, it is mostly a precursor to heatstroke.
Once the above symptoms occur, the patient should be moved to the ventilated place to rest, give the patient some light salt boiled water or green bean soup, watermelon juice, sour plum soup and so on. Summer heatstroke prevention methods: arrange work properly, pay attention to work and rest; Avoid exposure in the hot sun; pay attention to indoor cooling; adequate sleep; pay attention to food hygiene.
Heat is the highest temperature throughout the year, the most popular Yang season, in health care often "Winter disease summer treatment", so for those chronic diseases that occur every winter, such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial asthma, diarrhea, rheumatism and other Yang Deficiency Syndrome, is the best treatment time. If you have any of the above chronic diseases, you should take care of them in summer and focus on prevention and treatment.
Porridge is important to people. Although medicinal porridge is beneficial to the human body, it cannot be used in general, according to the different constitution, disease, choose appropriate drugs, preparation of porridge to achieve satisfactory results.
In the process of boiling water being burned and cooled, chlorine is reduced by 1/2 compared with natural water. The physical and chemical properties of water, such as surface tension, density, viscosity, and conductivity, are changed, it is similar to water in biological active cells, so it is easy to have wonderful biological activity through cells. According to our experiences, the experiment results show that a cup of fresh cold boiled water is consumed every morning. After a few years, there will be magical benefits of life.

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