Record two low-level mistakes that tortured me for three days.

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First: Because there is a space in the file name

Loaded FreeType always hint I can not find a path, specific tips I forgot, and then I repeatedly confirm the path, is no problem, finally, finally in the confirmation of countless times after waking wake up:

Because I installed the Chinese version of Ubuntu So, I to facilitate the user directory under the "Download, documents" and other folders name manually all changed to Chinese, because accidentally the "download" the file name changed to "Download+ space", the last of this space is particularly inconspicuous, in any case can not be seen.

After you remove the space from the folder, the installation can run normally.

Second: The name of the program is the same as the name of the introduction package

This two-day program has been in this error

Traceback (most recent):
File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
File "/home/stone/code/", line 7, <module>
Nameerror:name ' array ' is not defined

Description: This is my code, the file name is

#Coding=utf-8 fromPILImportImage fromPylabImport*im= Array ( ('lena.jpg'))PrintIm.shape, Im.dtypeim= Array ( ('lena.jpg'). CONVERT ('L'),'F')PrintIm.shape, Im.dtype

The error has always prompted me to find the "array" object, but the array object is numpy in the object is undoubtedly, so always thought is numpy development packaging wrong, three days loaded, unloaded numpy countless times, finally today, It turns out that I named the program name NumPy cause import NumPy, mistakenly thought that my file is to import the NumPy module so that the "array" object has not been found.

The program runs normally after changing the file name to

Record two low-level mistakes that tortured me for three days.

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