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Job Requirements:

    1. Major in computer science or above, with more than 2 years working experience in development;

    2. Familiar with Golang language programming, mastering multithreading, socket and other related technologies;

    3. High load, high concurrent development design experience is preferred;

    4. Familiar with MySQL, MONGO and other database programming;

    5. Familiar with Linux server, have rich experience in C + + programming;

    6. Have a solid computer programming ability, especially in the data structure, algorithm and code, software design has a good foundation;

    7. The most important is a sense of responsibility, passion for technology, have the pursuit of technology innovation spirit, the courage to solve technical problems;

    8. C + + engineers have equivalent working experience can also be considered;

    9. Graduate degree or above may be appropriate to relax other requirements;

Job Description:

    1. Participate in the development and maintenance of the company app and project chat system server (Linux + golang environment);

    2. Participate in the performance research and development of high-load concurrency of project service.

Salary 10,000-15,000 benefits: Five risk one gold, meal supplement, car repair, room supplement, words, etc.

Note: the company's main back-end language uses Golang, the company provides 1-2 weeks of paid transfer learning

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