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In August, I left the "four-person group on the wall", went into a new company, and started a new struggle. The original company gave me a lot of things. I am very grateful, after I leave, the original company also needs to find the right candidates. Here I am posting the recruitment information of the original company. If you think it is appropriate, please contact us in time.

(If you pay attention to the recruitment information, you will find that these words are serious and rigorous. This is the company I absolutely recommend. Company website /)

Software Development Engineer

· Prerequisites

O Proficiency:. Net Framework basics, C # language, ASP. NET, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, WCF, SQL, and various network protocols

O have knowledge of software engineering, testing, restructuring, data structure, etc.

O good coding habits

O excellent learning ability

O good team awareness

· Priority

O more than two years of. Net development experience

O Bachelor degree or above in computer or English

O familiar with WPF, WF, SilverLight, EntityFramework, Enterprise Library, Microsoft Server products (such as SharePoint, Lync, Exchange, Hyper-V, etc.) and have working experience.

Good written and spoken English skills.

Software Project Manager

· Prerequisites

O all requirements for software development engineer positions

O basic knowledge and methodology of various software engineering

O more than two years of management experience in large and medium-sized software projects

· Priority

O Bachelor degree or above in computer and Management

O more than two years of software project management experience in China Telecom and Real Estate

O has developed a methodology covering the entire life cycle of software projects in line with the actual situation of the software industry in China, and has passed the practices of more than two large and medium-sized projects

Software Testing Engineer

· Prerequisites

O all requirements for software development engineer positions

O familiar with various testing theories

O familiar with various. Net testing tools

· Priority

O more than two years of software testing experience

O Bachelor degree or above in Computer Science


· Prerequisites

O SOLID artistic skills

O skilled in using Photoshop

O more than one year of web page and software design experience

· Priority

O familiar with HTML and CSS, able to quickly create webpages

O skilled in using SharePoint designer

O familiar with Flash, SilverLight, HTML5, and other user interface technologies

By the way:

The company provides a good environment for improving salaries and capabilities,

Relaxing xbox 360, darts, sandbags,

Irregular indoor broadcast gymnastics :)

If you or your friends meet the above requirements and are interested, please contact us through the following methods.

QQ: 191349433 OR 13922338 TEL: 0371-63696070

Or directly send your resume to: 13922338 At

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