Red Gate Series iii SQL Server development tool SQL prompt edition T-SQL smart sensing analyzer complete cracking + use tutorial

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Red Gate Series iii SQL Server development tool SQL prompt edition T-SQL smart sensing analyzer complete cracking + use tutorial

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Red Gate Series iii SQL Server development tool SQL prompt edition T-SQL smart sensing analyzer complete cracking + use tutorial

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The more SQL scripts you write, the less efficient you always think. This is irrelevant to the typing speed. When I write an SQL script, I will at least sort the SQL format into easy to read, because others will read your SQL, whether inProgramIn a script file, the good layout not only makes people look pleasing to the eye, but also saves time and effort when communicating with others. It does not ask the team member for a piece of SQL: can you help me explain what such a large SQL statement does?

Although SQL intelligence prompts are provided in versions from Microsoft to SQL 2008 or later, its response is too slow. When the prompt is displayed, we can have a line of statements. And it does not provide SQLCodeThe Formatting Function can only be manually formatted by ourselves. It takes a lot of time to manually format the SQL statement.

System: win7 x64 SP1 + SQL 2008 r2

I. sqldbx tool Introduction

Before introducing SQL prompt, introduce another SQL tool sqldbx.
It is also an SQL programming tool with smart prompts. It is small and flexible and supports multiple types of databases (not just SQL Server ). The only drawback is that it does not support Chinese characters. The Chinese characters found in the data table are garbled in the results of this tool.
All in all, it is also a tool that can improve the efficiency of SQL programming.

You can download it from csdn:Http:// also a cracked version.

The core of this article is the SQL prompt cracking environment. I was discouraged when I saw the price above $900 on the official website. If it was just less than $200, I would be willing to pay for the software. Who makes it really useful?

Ii. SQL prompt 1. Download SQL prompt, which is a compressed package containing three files

Login free points:

1) After the download is complete, extract the following three items. One is the registration tutorial Doc, the other is the registration machine keygen, and the other is the official original installation package v5.3.4.1.

2. Install SQL prompt

1) Run sqlprompt_5.3.4.1.exe, one way to the next until the installation is complete.

SQL prompt provides three functions. What we care about most isSQL prmopt, edit and revoke e SQL effortlessly

2) Open SQL Server 2008 R2 and click SQL prompt 5 in the toolbar.

3. Open SQL .prompt.keygen.5.3.exe and copy the serial number to the current window.

4) Then Click Activate. Note that you need to disconnect the network first. Wait for a while and a network error will be prompted. Then Click Activate manually (register offline)

5) copy the code to the text box in the middle of the registration machine to generate the corresponding code

6) copy the generated code to the text box on the right and click Finish.

7) Successful cracking !!

 3. Use SQL prompt to write SQL in SQL Server

Note: SQL prompt also supports SQL Server 2005. My environment is SQL Server 2008 R2.

1) Smart notification

The smart prompts of SQL prompt are very sensitive, which is much better than those of 2008 R2. When you enter keywords, even if you enter lowercase letters, it will automatically convert them to uppercase letters (in fact, all SQL keywords are capitalized in a more standard way ), you do not need to switch the Caps Lock key back when writing keywords or common words.

In addition to code smart prompts, it also provides smart prompts for table definition. You may have a large table, but you cannot remember some fields. You do not have to go to the server resource manager on the left side of SQL Server to view the structure of the table.

2) SQL code formatting

Before formatting:

 1   Create   Database  Test  2   Go  3   Use  Test  4   Go  5   6   Create  Table  Employees  7   (  8 ID Int   Identity   Primary   Key  ,  9 Employeename Nvarchar ( 100  ),  10   Entrydate date 11   )  12   13   Go  14   15   Create   Table  Users  16   (  17 ID Int   Identity   Primary   Key  , 18 Username Nvarchar ( 100  ),  19 Gender Char ( 1  ),  20 Birhdate Datetime  ,  21 Employeeid Int  22   ) 23   Go  24   25   26   Select U. username, E. employeename From  DBO. Users u  27   Inner   Join DBO. Employees E On E. ID = U. employeeid

 After formatting:

 1  Create   Database  Test  2   Go  3   Use  Test  4   Go  5   6   Create   Table  Employees  7   (  8 ID Int   Identity  9                Primary   Key  ,  10 Employeename Nvarchar ( 100  ),  11   Entrydate date  12   )  13   14  Go  15   16   Create   Table  Users  17   (  18 ID Int   Identity  19                Primary   Key  ,  20 Username Nvarchar ( 100  ),  21 Gender Char ( 1  ),  22 Birhdate Datetime  ,  23 Employeeid Int  24   )  25   Go 26   27   28   Select  U. username,  29   E. employeename  30   From  DBO. Users u  31           Inner   Join DBO. Employees E On E. ID = U. employeeid

If you write a large storage process or try to format it with SQL prompt, it will save us a lot of time.

 4. Use soruce control in SQL Server

SQL prompt provides the database version controller. After I try to use this function, I have to say that this is a very good function.
You can manage tables, views, stored procedures, function addition, and changes in the database, instead of entering an Excel document to record the Database Change point during each change.

The following figure is a simple tutorial.

1) Click link database to source control.
It provides several interfaces to connect to source control. Here I select SVN as the database version controller.

2) input the svn address and development mode. I chose the multi-person sharing mode for the development mode.

The connection address and database are displayed after the connection is successful.

3) Change Database Operations
After I change the structure of the users table, a small blue icon will appear in the users table, indicating that the table has been changed. You can perform the commit operation.

Right-click the table and choose commit from the shortcut menu.

Submit it now. It will prompt you about the changes to the table structure (I added the address column to the users table) and click the commit button in the upper right corner to submit it.

4) view historical records

Previously, I made changes to the table. view history, as an important feature of version control, is now used to verify whether it works for the database.

Right-click and choose show history.

There is a clear comparison between the versions before and after


5. Use SQL prompt in Visual Studio

InOfficial WebsiteSQL prompt can only be used in Database project or SQL server project.

Using SQL prompt with Visual Studio

SQL prompt can be integrated with Visual Studio 2005,200 8 and 2010. SQL prompt only works in database projects and SQL Server projects.

During the project, we can create a supporting database project for the project to manage our tables, views, stored procedures, and other database scripts.
In general projects, SQL prompt cannot be used.

After creating an SQL server project or database project or directly opening a script file with the SQL Suffix in Visual Studio 2010, you can use it.

In this blog post, be used because vs2010.For SQL prompt5 problemsSQL prompt5.3.4.1 has been fixed. Both Windows 7 x86 and x64 can be used perfectly !!!


This blog post is adapted from

It is worth noting that this blog post mentioned the version 5.1, Which is cracked by overwriting files and registering DLL.

In this blog, we use the latest keygen registration machine version to crack... and the previous version of the registration machine is cracked and theoretically supports subsequent version cracking...

Do not delete the following lines. Thank you !!!

Source from vallen cnblogs link:

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