Red Hat Linux platform: Detailed description of virtualization technology development (1)

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Red Hat Linux platform: Detailed description of the development of virtualization technology (1) -- Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. In the 1990s S, the 2.4 kernel was used to make the Red Hat Linux platform an enterprise-level platform. At that time, the financial industry took the lead in adopting Red Hat Linux, and then all walks of life recognized the cost-effectiveness advantage of Linux. Since then, the Red Hat Linux platform has continued to develop. It can now be well applied in heterogeneous environments, which can reduce the computing cost of key tasks and have high scalability, which is beyond the expectation of analysts and customers.

When new open-source technologies are added to this enterprise-level platform, the primary criterion for Redhat is that new technologies must increase the value of the platform. The Red Hat Emerging Technologies team has been committed to developing a technical roadmap to meet customers' future needs and will include the most appropriate technology into the product development plan.

RedHat works closely with customers through the Customer Advisory Board and interactions with open-source communities. It also works closely with hardware and software partners through different technical forums.

1. Why do red hats focus on Virtualization?

Linux has had a huge impact on traditional proprietary Unix computing platforms since it was used on Intel processor hardware products. Virtualization also has a similar significance, which may bring a new round of Value Improvement to enterprise customers.

Red Hat focuses on Virtualization because customers are concerned about this issue. Customers know that virtualization technology can improve the utilization of computing systems, allow them to freely decide when and how to upgrade systems and application software, and quickly deploy resources as needed, all of this can help customers reduce costs.

2. Red Hat Technology Roadmap is not limited to Virtualization

Virtualization itself can bring a lot of benefits, but if it is used with system deployment, security management, especially the best practices in data management, it will achieve the best results. Migration computing is one of the ways to improve efficiency. In this computing mode, the personalized configuration of each server is stored in a highly available database, so that the configuration data can be copied to multiple locations or rebuilt in multiple locations, this improves mobility and availability. What are the ultimate advantages of combining migration Computing With virtualization? What value does this bring to customers?

It is of great significance to combine migration Computing With virtualization. Fundamentally, virtualization separates server hardware from server software. After the hypervisor is added, all hardware is the same for the software. In this way, you can deploy identical software on different hardware configurations, that is, the same software is deployed on different machines, such as the number and type of CPUs, I/O, number and type of NICs, and storage capacity. Similarly, the concept of a "migratable server" is essentially to separate the software in the system from the detailed configuration information of the software. Two systems with different IP addresses, database systems, system fine-tuning parameters, and Web content may run the same LAMP suite. In the migratable computing mode, all the data is recorded and saved to a copy.

In this case, the same LAMP suite can be deployed on any management program-based system, and then added to the migrated data to form a personalized configuration of different systems. In this way, the management team can manage a group of servers that can be used for multiple tasks, and manage one of the few "suites" that have been tested and can manage the workload of enterprises "; manage specific "configuration data" that can be loaded into these suites ".

These three types of management are free to achieve mobility and sharing, which has unprecedented benefits from a practical perspective. Today, many companies are lucky to have a hardware utilization rate of 10%. Simply increasing this number to 30% will greatly benefit various companies and have these three kinds of management freedom, hardware utilization far exceeds 50%. Back up the configuration data that can be added to the running suite to improve migration and system availability. Standardization on the kits used can greatly shorten the time for starting the system, and minimize the number of writable data that must be tracked to greatly improve mobility. These standard suites and desktop programs are basically read-only system software.

Virtualization background

1. Development Process and important events

Some forms of virtualization technology have existed for many years. These Virtualization Technologies are mostly used in large-scale mainframe systems. Now, some Virtualization Technologies with different maturity have emerged in Linux. However, none of these products can meet all the customer's needs. Some products need to modify the code. Otherwise, different object operating environments or different operating environment versions cannot run simultaneously. Many products greatly reduce system performance, especially when sharing I/O access.
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