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What is Paas?

Paas is the abbreviation of platform-as-a-service, which means platform as a service. The server platform is a business model provided by services. Software as a service (SAAS ), in the cloud computing era, the corresponding server platform or development environment as a service becomes PAAs (platform as a service ).

What is openshift?

Openshift is a platform-as-a-service (PAAs) launched by RedHat for open-source developers ). Openshift enables developers to build, test, run, and manage their applications by providing more choices on languages, frameworks, and clouds. It supports more development frameworks for Java, Python, PHP, Perl, and Ruby, including spring, seam, weld, CDI, rails, Rack, symfony, Zend framework, twisted, Django, and Java E. It contains SQL and nosql data storage and a distributed file system.

Openshift origin is a series of open source components used by the openshift platform. Developers can use these components to build their own openshift service.

Quick Start openshift

Openshift has three usage modes, which are suitable for rapid development and deployment of applications, as well as coding and debugging applications. The following describes these modes respectively:

The fastest web-based approach

The openshift Web console provides you with the ability to create and manage your applications. You do not need to install any applications or use command lines. The console guides you through the Wizard to create each application and use the recommended additional capabilities. Examples include MongoDB, MySQL, or Jenkins integration.

1. register an account

Each openshift account can create three applications in the cloud.

Register an account on the website

After successful registration, a confirmation email will be sent to the mailbox. after entering the mailbox for confirmation, the registration will be successful.

2. Deploy the application

Click Open the console and create an application, or enter the directly in the browser

The following page is displayed:

Select the instant appClick Quickstart next to wordpress3.x. The configuration and deployment page is displayed.

Type Public URL and click Create application. The source code in the blue line is the GIT address.

After the creation is successful, the following page is displayed:

Root User and root password are the account and password of your WordPress database. below is the name of your database.

You can use phpMyAdmin to manage MySQL databases.

Now you can access your application through your own custom link.


Automatically jump to the install page of WordPress and set your own settings! Isn't it easy!

Openshift also provides many management components, such as managing MySQL or MongoDB.

You can also use git to manage your code and perform secondary development on existing programs.

Command Line-based RHC

The following describes the powerful functions of the command line:

1. register an account

Same as above, you can also use the above account.

2. Install the client Tool

The official website provides links to various platforms. You can select the corresponding client based on your environment.

Windows | Mac OS X | fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux | Linux

3. Set the environment

Run RHC setup and enter your username and password.

4. Create an application

RHC app create MyApp php-5.3

Here I created an application called MyApp, specifying the environment as a php-5.3, as prompted, the content is similar to the web version.

5. Use git for source code Maintenance

Next, you can access your application through the public URL you specified.

Development Tools

Finally, we will introduce how to use ide:

1. register an account

Same as above, you can also use the above account.

2. Download JBoss development tools

This development tool is also a plug-in of Eclipse, integrating the openshift function, is

Download JBoss developer Studio (sign-In required ).

Download and install the SDK, and then open JBoss developer studio.

Select creating an openshift application in JBoss central to build openshift.

Of course, if you want to study openshift more deeply, you can view the documents provided by the official website for further research.

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