Red wine drinking methods and precautions

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Introduction to drinking etiquette of red wine

Generally, "liquor with seafood, red wine with meat" is the rule for dining and drinking. However, as long as it is not very strict and formal, the host can choose the wine according to the guest's preferences. When selecting a proper wine, the most important factor is not the price of the wine or the origin of the wine, but whether it works properly with the meal, whether it can bring good taste to the guests.
The whole cup will never be fully filled when you try toast it. Generally, it will be about half a cup. If estimated
If you have more than one type of wine, make sure to prepare a separate wine cup for each wine cup. In addition, the correct way to hold a cup is to hold the cup feet rather than the cup body, because the liquor or the wine temperature of the champagne can be kept cold without the influence of temperature, at the same time, it is also convenient for drinking people to enjoy the beautiful colors of all wines, including red wine.
Most of the red wine is suitable for drinking at low room temperature. If the temperature is too low, you can hold the cup and use the temperature to heat the wine. Traditionally, the dishes with red wine are beef, some cheese foods, hollow powder mixed with red sauce, and poultry meat. Of course, similar to liquor, wine drinking rules are not that rigid and harsh. Many people don't care what the main course is. They just choose red wine for their personal preferences. At this time, the wine is more inclined to taste light Bordeaux dry red. The Burgundy wine has a strong taste and is generally not suitable.
Non-Sparkling pink wines are also part of the red wine family. They are suitable for post-ice drinking. The main course is light, such as fish, veal, chicken, and fruit. For a bottle of good-year red wine, if you want to enjoy its beauty, you must carefully follow its slightly complicated wine uploading procedure: Drink the previous one to two days, extract the wine from the wine cellar or wine cabinet, move it to a straw-woven basket in the shortest way and keep the wine bottle semi-level-15 or 20 degrees longer than the Tibetan wine. Then, let us wait at least one day for the sediment in the wine to sink to the bottom of the bottle.
If you do not have a special wine cellar, you must purchase the wine one or two days ago and follow the same procedure for preparation. About one hour before drinking is the best time to enable the bottle plug. Of course, the metal foil on the bottle plug should also be removed at the same time, so as not to affect its quality when it is in contact with the liquor. For the same reason, the bottle mouth is wiped with a damp cloth to remove the accumulated residue. When pulling the cork, you should be very careful, and the plugging should be placed next to the wine bottleneck, so that people with the heart can notice its integrity. The hour after the bottle plug is turned on is the "Breathing Period" of the bottle's Qiong pulp, which can take this time to clean the bad smell or other strange smells absorbed during the wine cellar storage.
In order to let the guests know about the wine, the wine bottle must be placed in the basket and the labels on it cannot be torn away. You should be especially careful when using the liquor. Otherwise, the liquor may flow back from the mouth of the bottle to the bottom of the bottle due to "backflush", which may arouse the accumulation of the bottom of the bottle. In the end, the wine in the bottle obviously cannot be emptied, leaving about 1 inch deep liquor, because the liquor has been turbid due to precipitation. (Xiamen Daily)

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