"Red5" How to build the environment and debug Red5 (1.0.6 version) application (ii)

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RED5 Application Development environment first, the system environment

Based on the previous RED5 server basic environment. Second, install Eclipse for Jave EE

Download Eclipse's installation package to the official web and decompress: http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/

Copy the extracted Eclipse folder to the location you want to install, create a shortcut to the "Eclipse.exe" file in the file, and put it on the desktop for easy use next time. Third, install RED5 application Development plug-in

Download the Eclipse plug-in project: Https://github.com/Red5/red5-eclipse-plugin and unzip to the location you want to extract.

Open Eclipse and import the three items (File-import) in the folder you just unzipped, and then select Import items from the folder (Existing Projectsto workspace).

Then in the pop-up window, set the folder to import the project, the list of items that can be imported is listed, the default is all selected (4 items).

Click "Finish" button to complete the project import, this time, in the Eclipse Project window, you can see just imported four projects, the project warning ignore, directly clean up the build.

Export expansion function (File-export) as shown in the figure:

Select all items and install:

Then restart Eclipse and you can use the installed RED5 application to develop Plug-ins. Verify that the plug-in is successfully installed

Select File-new-other and select the Dynamic Web Project project and click Next:

Click "New Runtime", if you can find the RED5 server running environment as shown in the picture, it proves that the plug-in installation is successful, then you can develop the RED5 application.

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