RedHat configuration and use VNC in VNC Linux

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Configure VNC

# Vi/etc/sysconfig/vncservers

Find the vncservers = "1: myusername" string, remove the comment, and change myusername to your logon username. Save and exit.

Find the vi. VNC/xstatup File

Leave unset session_manager

Exec/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc (remove comments) delete all others

# Vi/etc/sysconfig/iptables

Add port 5901 to it, save and exit.

# Service iptables restart

# Service vncserver restart


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To start the vncserver service immediately, run the following command:

# Service vncserver start

To automatically start the vncserver service during boot, run the following command:

# Chkconfig vncserver on

Note: No output is generated after this command is executed, and a command prompt is directly returned, as shown in the following figure: (the prompt is displayed under the root user)

# Chkconfig vncserver on

# Chkconfig -- list vncserver

Vncserver 0: off 1: off 2: On 3: On 4: On 5: on 6: Off

Tip: you must pay attention to the relationship between users and VNC during installation and operation. Each user can have their own vncserver.


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The premise is that the RedHat system has only been interviewed here.

Linux uses VNC to access a remote Linux Desktop.

In local Linux, enter the vncviewer command.


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