Redis from getting started to mastering one: Preface

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Redis has always been a component that I want to study well, but previously limited to work scenarios that didn't really make sense to use. But at the moment, Redis acts as the primary cache component to buffer server pressure. Therefore, this sequence is mainly based on the actual work encountered in the design and development of the redis, and gradually, in order to be rational, there is no misleading anyone.

Before I begin, I will share the relevant content mainly from the following points:

1. Detailed details of Redis's configuration in spring and spring boot

2. Details of the similarities and differences between Redis Sentinel and Redis cluster and how to use them

3. Implementation of annotated Redis cache based on spring annotation (Support Sentinel and cluster mode)

4. Redis High-performance recommendations

This is some of the key points that I can think of at the moment, and I will explain them one by one and with examples. Of course, because of my experience and ability of the relationship, can not be completely correct, and can not take care of all people, so as far as possible in the course of interpretation, and strive to achieve the language level, the statement unobstructed.

The new journey begins, and the journey to Redis begins, let us unstoppable and bow to the stars:

What about Dai-fu, Qilu green unfinished.

Nature clock God show, yin and yang cut faint dawn.

A chest of clouds, a bird in the Canthus.

When the most extreme, at a glance the mountains small.

Redis from getting started to mastering one: Preface

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