Redis Multi-instance +mongodb basic configuration +ldap+svn

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Redis Multi-instance

[[email protected] redis-stable]# cp -p redis.conf redis6380.conf (拷贝出一个配置文件)[[email protected] redis-stable]# grep 6380 redis6380.conf (参数修改,按需求修改)port 6380pidfile /var/run/redis_6380.piddbfilename dump6380.rdbappendfilename "appendonly6380.aof"# cluster-announce-bus-port 6380[[email protected] redis-stable]# redis-server redis6380.conf (启动方式)2161:C 29 May 20:41:38.275 # oO0OoO0OoO0Oo Redis is starting oO0OoO0OoO0Oo2161:C 29 May 20:41:38.276 # Redis version=4.0.9, bits=64, commit=00000000, modified=0, pid=2161, just started2161:C 29 May 20:41:38.276 # Configuration loaded[[email protected] redis-stable]# ps -ef|grep redisroot      2162     1  0 20:41 ?        00:00:00 redis-server      2167  1858  0 20:41 pts/1    00:00:00 grep redis

The basics of MongoDB today

MongoDB download on Demand

[[email protected] conf]# getenforce permissive[[email protected] conf]# service iptables statusiptables: Firewall is not running. [[email protected] mulu]# tar-xf mongodb-linux-x86_64-rhel62-4.0.0-rc0.tgz (unzip the precompiled package) [[email protected] mulu]# ln-s mongodb-linux-x86_64-rhel62-4.0.0-rc0 MONGO (soft link, convenient operation) monmongodb start mode [[email protected] mongodb-linux-x86_64-rhel62-4.0.0-rc0]# mongod--dbpath Data--logpath log/mongodb.log--logappend--pidfilepath Pid/ & (command line startup) [[email protected] mulu]# CD mongo[[email protected] mongo]# lsbin conf data GNU-A GPL-3.0 log MPL-2 pid README third-party-notices (except the bin directory, the others are the directories created by themselves) [[email protected] mongo]# CD Conf/[[em Ail protected] conf]# lsmongodb.cnf[[email protected] conf]# cat mongodb.cnf Dbpath=/opt/mulu/mongo/data logpath=/opt/mulu/mongo/log/mongodb.loglogappend=truepidfilepath=/opt/mulu/mongo/pid/mongodb.pidport=27017[[ Email protected] conf]# mongod-f mongodb.cnf & (fileStart) MongoDB go in the way [[email protected] conf]# MONGO (directly into the local MongoDB, Security issues with Waring) MongoDB multi-instance only need to modify the parameters of the file to MongoDB Security Policy 1. Create Superuser > Use adminswitched to DB admin> db.createuser (... {... User: "Adminuser",... pwd: "123",... roles: [{role: "Useradminanydatabase", DB: "admin"}] ...} ... )            Successfully added User: {"user": "Adminuser", "roles": [{"Role": "Useradminanydatabase",     "DB": "admin"}]}[[email protected] log]# ps-ef|grep mongodbroot 2633 1858 0 21:48 PTS/1 00:00:15 mongod-f mongodb.cnfroot 2734 2523 0 22:22 pts/0 00:00:00 grep mongodb[[email protected] log]  # Kill 2633 (stop service) [[[email protected] conf]# mongod-f mongodb.cnf & (restart) > Use testswitched to DB test> Db.example.insert ({"A": "A"}) Writeresult ({"ninserted": 1}) > dbs2018-05-29t22:25:08.743+0800 E QUERY [JS] Referenc Eerror:dbs is not defined: @ (shell):1:1> show Dbsadmin 0.000GBconfig 0.000GBlocal  0.000GBtest 0.000gb> Db.example.insert ({"A": "B"}) Writeresult ({"ninserted": 1}) > Db.example.insert ({"A": "C"}) Writeresult ({"ninserted": 1}) > Db.example.insert ({"A": "D"}) Writeresult ({"ninserted": 1}) > Db.example.insert ( {"A": "E"}) Writeresult ({"ninserted": 1}) > show dbsadmin 0.000GBconfig 0.000GBlocal 0.000GBtest 0.000GB (insert a lot of data, but no amount of increase , confirm that no account password login, unable to operate) [[email protected] conf]# mongod-f mongodb.cnf--auth & (Login with authentication) [[email protected] conf]# MONGO (do not enter user password) MongoDB Shell version v4.0.0-rc0connecting to:mongodb:// Server version: 4.0.0-rc0> show dbs> (see nothing) [[email protected] conf]# mongo-u ' adminuser '-P ' 123 '--au Thenticationdatabase "admin" (plus user password to see) MongoDB Shell version v4.0.0-rc0connecting to:mongodb:// Server version:4.0.0-rc0> show dbsadmin 0.000GBconfig 0.000GBlocal 0.000GBtest 0.000gb[ [email protected] conf]# MONGO (second authentication) MongoDB shEll version v4.0.0-rc0connecting TO:MONGODB:// server version:4.0.0-rc0> use adminswitched to DB admin> Db.auth ("Adminuser", "123") (enter user password here) 1> show Dbsadmin 0.000GBconfig 0.000GBlocal 0.000GBtest 0.00 0GB

MongoDB Configuration Master-Slave mode

LDAP+SVN---Take a look here.
1. In the/etc/hosts file, write your IP and hostname parsing

Redis Multi-instance +mongodb basic configuration +ldap+svn

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