Redis Performance Test

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Redis Performance Test

Redis performance testing is accomplished by executing multiple commands at the same time. Redis performance testing is implemented primarily through the Redis-benchmark under the SRC folder (Linux system)


The basic commands for Redis performance testing are as follows:

    1. Redis-benchmark [option] [option value]

The following instances perform 10,000 requests at the same time to detect performance:

  1. Redis-Benchmark -n 100000
  2. Ping_inline: 141043.72 requests per second
  3. Ping_bulk: 142857.14 requests per second
  4. SET: 141442.72 requests per second
  5. GET: 145348.83 requests per second
  6. INCR: 137362.64 requests per second
  7. Lpush: 145348.83 requests per second
  8. Lpop: 146198.83 requests per second
  9. Sadd: 146198.83 requests per second
  10. SPOP: 149253.73 requests per second
  11. Lpush (needed to benchmark Lrange): 148588.42 requests per second
  12. Lrange_100 (first elements): 58411.21 requests per second
  13. lrange_300 (first elements): 21195.42 requests per second
  14. lrange_500 (first elements): 14539.11 requests per second
  15. lrange_600 (first elements): 10504.20 requests per second
  16. MSET ( keys): 93283.58 requests per second

The optional parameters for the Redis Performance test tool are as follows:

Serial Number Options Description Default Value
1 -H Specify the server host name
2 -P Specify server port 6379
3 -S Specify the server socket
4 -C Specify number of concurrent connections 50
5 -N Specify the number of requests 10000
6 -D Specifies the data size of the Set/get value as a byte 2
7 -K 1=keep Alive 0=reconnect 1
8 -R SET/GET/INCR using random key, sadd using random values
9 -P Transfer <numreq> request via pipelines 1
10 -Q Force quit Redis. Show only query/sec values
11 --csv Output in CSV format
12 -L Build loops, perform tests permanently
13 -T Only run a comma-delimited list of test commands.
14 -I. Idle mode. Open only N idle connections and wait.

The following example uses several parameters to test Redis performance:

  1. Redis-Benchmark -H 127.0. 0.1 -p 6379 -t set,lpush -n 100000 -Q
  2. SET: 146198.83 requests per second
  3. Lpush: 145560.41 requests per second

In the example above, the host is, the port number is 6379, the command executed is Set,lpush, the number of requests is 10000, and with the-Q parameter, the result shows only the number of requests executed per second.

Redis Performance Test

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