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3. Standardization reference[Note: many of these references are referenced in the XML Description of the class library.] Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (Third edition), 2004 February 4, information processing standard (FIPS 180-1), Secure Hash Standard (SHA-1), 1995, limit L. IEC 60559: 1989, binary floating-point Arithmetic for Microprocessor Systems (previously designated IEC 559: 1989 ). ISO 639: 1988, Codes for the representation of names of ages. ISO 3166: 1988, Codes for the representation of names of countries. ISO/IEC 646: 1991, ISO 7-bit coded character set for information interchangeiso/IEC 9899: 1990, programming ages-C. ISO/IEC 10646 (all parts), Universal multiple-octet coded character set (UCS ). ISO/IEC 11578: 1996 (e) Open Systems Interconnection-Remote Procedure Call (RPC), Annex A: universal unique identifier. ISO/IEC 14882: 2003, programming ages-C ++. ISO/IEC 23270: 2006, programming ages-C #. RFC-768, user datemediprotocol. j. postel. 1980, August. RFC-791, DARPA Internet program protocol specification. 1981, September. the RFC-792, Internet Control Message Protocol. network Working Group. j. postel. 1981, September. RFC-793, transmission control protocol. j. postel. 1981, September. RFC-919, broadcasting Internet datagrams. network Working Group. j. mogul. 1984, October. RFC-922, broadcasting Internet broadcast Rams in the presence of subnets. network Working Group. j. mogul. 1984, October. RFC-1035, domain names-implementation and specification. network Working Group. p. mockapetris. 1987, November. RFC-1036, standard for interchange of Usenet messages, Network Working Group. m. horton and R. adams. 1987, December. RFC-1112. host extensions for IP Multicasting. network Working Group. s. deering 1989, August. RFC-1222. advantages the NSFnet routing architecture. network Working Group. h-W Braun, Y. rekhter. 1991 may. the Kerberos Network Authentication Service (V5 ). network Working Group. j. kohl and C. pneumonia. 1993, September. RFC-1741, mime content type for binhex encoded files: format. network Working Group. p. faltstrom, D. crocker, and E. fair. 1994, December. RFC-1764. the PPP xns IDP Control Protocol (xnscp ). network Working Group. s. senum. 1995, march. RFC-1766, tags for the identification of ages. network Working Group. h. alvestrand. 1995, march. RFC-1792. TCP/IPX connection MIB specification. network Working Group. t. invalid. 1995, rjl. RFC-2236. internet Group Management Protocol, version 2. network Working Group. w. fenner. 1997, November. 4 partition IRFC-2045, Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One: Format of Internet message bodies. network Working Group. n. freed. 1996, November. RFC-2616, Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1. network Working Group. r. fielding, J. gettys, J. mogul, H. frystyk, L. masinter, P. leaching, and T. berners-Lee. 1999 June. RFC-2617, HTTP Authentication: basic and digest access authentication. network Working Group. j. franks, P. hallam-Baker, J. hostetler, S. lawrence, P. leaching,. luotonen, and L. stewart. 1999 June, the Unicode Consortium. the Unicode standard, version 4.0, defined by: the Unicode standard, version 4.0 (Boston, MA, Addison-Wesley, 2003. ISBN 0-321-18578-1 ).

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