Refinement and coarsening of Nash eqlilibium

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I suddenly think of a research on complexity when I bought a book in Shanghai bookstore a few days ago (it seems that the level is not too good, at least the level of algebra is not higher than the level of the Class 4, the level of analysis should be OK .) I am engaged in this research.

According to him, there are only three papers in the world (how can I find four papers by Google ?), His ideas are not accepted by the mainstream ~~~~~~~~~~~~

But now, let's write down refinement and coarsening of Nash eqlilibium (from the paper he wrote to me, the last word seems a bit misspelled ), it looks like a promising thing.

Because I had to rush back home, I didn't leave an email in a hurry. I hope that if my dear friend encounters this website, I will leave my mail. Of course, if I have QQ or MSN, I can leave it for me.

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