Reflection on yido not let me down and yido not support the family

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This article was written in the past few weeks. At that time, I recorded it and gave myself a reminder that I have been busy for the past few days, working at work, and working at night. I am obligated to work overtime at the company on Saturday morning, in the afternoon, I ran to the customer's place. On the back car, I almost had to get dizzy. My head was dizzy, like getting sick.

So I thought deeply again, Will Yiduo certainly have more money? But it is clearly no.
For example, you will. net, you can find a 7 k job; you can also find a Java job, you can find an 8 K job, but your salary is determined by your job, rather than simply taking a 15 K salary, unless you have two jobs at the same time, I believe this is generally not possible.
Capabilities can be added, but salaries cannot be added, because you can only select one of them.
To sum up, this is actually a "Bucket Theory" of revenue. Each piece of board code shows your ability, and your income is determined by the longest piece. Instead of adding all the boards.

So I have to make a choice and select a focus. It is really hard to attack with double fists.


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