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Yes HL7 The data of the Information Model is finally exchanged through XML. XML messages or files used for exchange are restricted by the schema corresponding to the model.

The idea of establishing a health archive information model is:

(1) first, select the corresponding HL7 General domains and models;

(2) determine the position and expression of the data element in the business activity dataset in the information model, andHL7Limits existing models,HL7 Data Type and vocabulary are used to describe the attributes of classes in the model;

(3) form the schema of the model corresponding to the business activity.

For example:


Information generated by the business activities of the health archive involves HL7 11 General domains in V3 and 19 specific information models in these general domains are distributed as follows:

(1) account and Billing

    • Patient billing post event (fiab_rm020000uv02)

(2) tissue and organ

      • Blood tissue organ (pobb_dm100000uv)

Blood tissue and organ

(3) care provision

    • A_careplan (repc_rm000200uv01)
    • Care composition record (repc_rm500001uv)
    • Care transfer promise (repc_rm003000uv01)

(4) Clinical document architecture, Release 2

    • CDA R-MIM (pocd_rm1_40)

This model is the main clinical record.

(5) Immunization


    • Immunization (poiz_rm030050uv)

(6) Laboratory

    • Lab result event (polb_rm004000uv01)

(7) Observations

    • Common observation (poob_rm40000uv)

Various inspection records are mainly for this model.

(8) patient administration

    • Patient activate (prpa_rm201301uv02)
    • Person activate (prpa_rm101301uv02)

Birth medical certificate for this model

(9) Personnel Management

  • Add human resource (prpm_rm101000uv)
  • Add Organization (prpm_rm401000uv)
  • Add provider (prpm_rm301000uv)
  • Update human resourc (prpm_rm102000uv)
  • Update Organization (prpm_rm403000uv)
  • Update provider (prpm_rm303000uv)

(10) Pharmacy

    • Medicationorder (porx_rm010120uv)

(11) regulated reporting

    • Notifiable condition report rmim (porr_rm1_1uv01)

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