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Now because of the registered CN domain name more and more users, people on the CN domain is also increasingly concerned about the natural! So about the CN domain name of a variety of problems are often in the query, hoping to get a bit of the exact answer, and the Internet to see the most problems are almost the number of registered CN domain name filed resolution of such problems!

Because of the CN domain name purchase must do the real name system, do not do real names for the purchase can not be completed, CN domain name to do after the resolution of the time, a lot of domain name vendors to request the site for the record, but some enterprises to build the station after consideration of foreign trade needs, build the server And the site must be submitted materials to the computer room to complete, the foreign computer room (such as Hong Kong, the United States Room) does not provide in China Ministry of the record service, then these sites can operate, you need to do those procedures to operate?

The answers are as follows:

First, because the Ministry of work stipulates all websites in China must be filed, no matter what domain name, as long as the site on the Chinese mainland server, must record, if not the record, is not allowed to operate the site in mainland China;

Second, if the CN domain name of the Web server in the outside, if the computer room does not provide the record, you can fill out the "Domain name resolution statement", this manual is to explain your CN domain name is used for overseas analysis, after the adoption can be resolved.

Third, the way to record about 1-2 months, the analysis of the audit instructions to 1-3 days, the user free choice;

Four, this is a personal proposal, a legitimate business license of the website should be submitted according to the required information to complete the record, after the record site can be more formal operation.

In the actual operation of the CN domain name, many small domain name registrars, do not know this "domain name resolution statement", often with the CN must be filed, is the state regulations, etc. as a word, so when faced with this situation is you look to the "Domain name resolution statement" to them to see, Do not because of their own or the Registrar does not understand that the registered CN domain name can not be resolved and so on, to the end of the possible loss will be their own! Of course, the preparation of the record is to look at the needs of individuals or companies to decide, each has the benefit, do not blindly think that the record is not good or the record is good, suitable is the best!

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