Registry and driver backup and Restoration

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  A. Windows XP registry backup and Restoration

The registry stores various parameters to directly control Windows Startup, hardware driver loading, and running parameters of some Windows applications. If the registry is damaged, the Windows system may not run properly. In severe cases, the entire system may be paralyzed. Therefore, it is necessary for Windows users to master the backup and restoration techniques of the Registry.

(1) back up the entire registry

Click the "Start> Run" menu item, enter "Regedit" in the "run" dialog box, and click "OK" to open the Registry Editor. to back up the entire registry, select the Registry root directory (my computer node), right-click the registry, and select the Export command to open the export registry file dialog box, in the "file name" box, enter the Registry File Name and save path, and click "save. The Registry backup file extension is REG.

(2) Registry Restoration

If you can smoothly enter the Windows graphical interface, you can double-click the REG file backed up above to restore the registry to the backup status.

When you cannot enter the Windows graphic interface, you can insert the Windows XP installation CD into the optical drive, start from the CD, enter the installation program, press the R key to start the fault recovery console, follow the on-screen prompts, log on to Windows XP and copy the system, sam, software, security, and default files in the REPAIR directory to the \ System32 \ Config directory, the Registry will be restored to the initial status when the system is just installed. After you restart Windows XP, import the previously backed up registry file to the system, and the system will be restored to the Registry backup status.

  B. Backup and restoration of hardware drivers

The new hardware driver may be unstable after installation. In addition, the hardware driver installation workload is also considerable during system reinstallation, backing up the driver can avoid unnecessary troubles. In the previous case, we can use the built-in driver recovery function to recover the driver. In the latter case, we can only use software for backup, such as Mydrivers driver genie.

(1) Recovery of the built-in driver

Click the "Start> Control Panel" menu item, double-click the "System" icon in the displayed dialog box, open the "System Properties" dialog box, and click the "hardware" tab, click the Device Manager button to open the Device Manager dialog box. In the hardware list of the dialog box, double-click the hardware device for which the driver is to be restored, and click the driver tab in the displayed Properties dialog box, click "back to driver" to restore the driver to the original one.

(2) Use the Mydrivers driver Wizard to back up the driver

Run the "Driver wizard", click the "backup driver> Search driver to be backed up" menu command in the program window, and select the driver to be backed up from the list of hardware drivers listed in it, after selecting the directory for saving the driver backup file, click the start backup button to perform the backup operation.

The driver can be restored after the system is reinstalled. Run the "Driver wizard" and click the "Restore driver> restore from backup directory" menu command in the program window, in the displayed "Browse Directory" dialog box, browse to the location where the driver backup file is saved. Click OK. The backup hardware driver list is displayed in the main program window. Select the driver to be installed or restored in the list, click "start to restore" to restore or install the driver at one time.

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