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Rich media content of the Web age, the Internet has been to obtain content and the collection of content is an inevitable way. Through pictures, articles, etc. ... Content resources, how to achieve better collection and sharing will become more important. At the same time as each UGC user contributes content, they are also consuming other user content with each other, and the interaction based on the content of interest is thus produced. Based on the collection of fragmented content, we can clearly see our interest map. Let the rich interest content attract more relevant user, make the discovery good content, discover the interest congenial user to become simpler. As a browser-based innovative products, based on web users to browse the strong demand for Web content, I like the network through the depth of the combination with the browser, and strive to provide users with more valuable Internet services. Innovation and exploration are making this product more and more perfect, many functions and experience need further optimization. It is our responsibility to strive to provide the best Web experience for hundreds of millions of users.

In the contact I like the project during this time, from their own use, data analysis and user feedback summed up some of the design of the sentiment, here we talk about how to optimize the design of the product experience.

First, the new visual image Logo design:

I like-based on the content of interest to share the community, through the integration of the core features of the site, as well as the very emotional color of the website name "I like" to design a more consistent with Product positioning logo visual image.

The new logo is tightly centered around user interaction (core function points – collection), and with a strongly emotionally oriented website name "I like" as a design idea, the abstract user behavior and emotional factors are representational. This paper designs the logo of the version-shaped paperclip by combining the paper clips of the collection behavior with the heart shape icon of the emotion expression as the design elements. In the overall modelling has done some normalization processing, suits under the different environment the standardization application.

Second, the icon style of unification:

Through the extension of the logo, the design of the style matching icon, not only in the visual element style to achieve a high degree of unity, but also enhance the brand image sense.

Third, the main navigation optimization:

In previous versions, there were too many navigational redundancy information and a relatively long channel name. For I like the web such a responsive web site, at different resolutions page width is automatically adapted, this will produce navigation in small resolution of the display effect is extremely bloated.

In many adjustments and attempts, the final decision is to use the following version. The content of the site is mainly based on pictures, dark navigation is more able to press the page content, while the logo's image of the exhibition more fully. The new navigation uses the suction top design, will classify the choice into the navigation, can make the quick switch at any time in the page browsing, optimizes the website browsing experience.

Iv. Browser Extender optimization:

In this version of the improvement, we improve the user experience while tuning around the function points. The content of the optimization is as follows:

Collection content in the plug-in real-time preview view;

Interest Radio "casually turn over", where you can find more exciting content, you can click the "collection icon" conveniently collected, later view.

Interest channels also make this expansion program more dynamic and situation, accompanied by a hint of surprises and surprises. Make the original blunt content recommendation become more emotional, easier to accept.

The entire extender panel is visually optimized. Systematic comb the interactive structure of the Panel, adjust the tab visual style, icon style unified adjustment, as well as picture display and interactive effect.


In the whole project design process has done a lot of details on the micro-adjustment, some times must be a pixel-pixel alignment adjustment, improve the readability of the content. For the waterfall flow on the spacing between each section, the first appropriate amplification, then to test, not suitable for a little bit of narrowing, to find the best spacing size. Doing so on the one hand makes the page more overall orderly, but also enhances the content readability. Even a small change in design can lead to unexpected effects. Sometimes the real challenge is not to fix the problems you find, but to fix them without destroying the ones that are already working. The improvement of the user experience is not only the ease of interaction, the visual beauty, the usability of the product itself is the foundation of building superstructure, and the optimization of basic experience can not be neglected. The following optimizations are still continuing ....

Look forward to your: suggestions feedback

Welcome experience I like Web:

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