Reidis Single-node installation configuration

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Single-node configuration install and install Redis

1. the latest version of the package

2. Unzip the file

TAR-ZXVF redis-3.2.5.tar.gz

3. Compiling

CD redis-3.2.5


Make install

4. Modify the configuration

Vim redis.conf

Find bind, modified to, otherwise unable to remotely access, save exit, if still inaccessible, turn off firewall

Instant shutdown, fail after reboot: Service iptables stop

Effective after reboot: Chkconfig iptables off

5. Start Redis-server and see if it starts


6. Go to REDIS-CLI view Redis default port is 6379

Redis-cli-p 6379


8. Or use the Redis Client tool to view, here is used Redis-desktop-manager but when the data is very large, it will be jammed and used with caution.

A single-node Redis configuration installation is described here, and the Redis configuration of cluster mode will continue to be introduced later

Reidis Single-node installation configuration

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