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A few years ago, I installed Windows 7100 in beta testing and evaluation, but recently it was prompted that it will expire as of January 1, March 1. I suggest you back up important files, sign ~ Ah, it seems that Microsoft is struggling to force users to use the latest version ~ No way, I don't want to spend money on using the genuine operating system, so I had to try out a later version of 7600win7, so that I wouldn't restart it every other time. Here, I want to keep everyone the seeds found on the internet, win_7_rtm_7600_cn.rar.

Windows 7 was installed, but it was a tragedy to hear the sound when the machine was inserted with headphones. No way. The sound card driver is strange. You have to reinstall the sound card driver. My model is the Dell ron1420 series. If it is the same as my model, you can download the sound card driver.ProgramInstall r167846.rar. After the installation is complete, restart the system. However, another problem that needs to be solved is that after Windows 7 is installed, it does not support the areo effect. It seems that the graphics driver has to be updated. So I got a driver genie, installed it, updated the graphics card driver, restarted the machine again, and sweated. The most thing I did was restart the machine ~

The installation process is basically smooth, and the boot speed is significantly improved. The performance in all aspects should be good. However, even more troublesome things are still coming. You have to install software and development tools from the beginning. Windows, it's really a love and hate thing ~ I don't want to talk about it anymore. I also want to help my friends who have problems with the sound card and video card driver when installing the system.

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