Related configuration of VNC server under Linux system

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The code is as follows:

Yum Install Tigervnc-server


(1) Copy the configuration file:

The code is as follows:

~]# CP /lib/systemd/system/vncserver@.service


(2) Edit configuration file:


Execstart=/sbin/runuser-l user-c "/usr/bin/vncserver%i-geometry 1280x1024


Replaces user with the VNC service to use, such as root:

Code as follows:

EXECSTART=/SBIN/R Unuser-l root-c "/usr/bin/vncserver%i"

If you want to modify the resolution, you can modify the geometry content, and others do not need to be modified.

And then keep the configuration.

(3) uses the SYSTEMCTL command to force a re-read of the configuration file: The

Code is as follows:

~]# systemctl daemon-reload

(4) Configure Vncserver password

The p> code is as follows:


(5) If two users want to use VNC at the same time, you need to configure two profiles:

Vncserver-user_1@.service and Vncserver-user_ 2@.service, the file content is configured with the root user

And then the VNC password is created for two users: the

Code is as follows:

~]$ su-user_1

~]$ vncpasswd



~]$ su-user_2

~]$ vncpasswd



(6) Start VNC service

Code as follows:

Systemctl start vncserver@:10

To boot, use the following command:

Code as follows:

SYSTEMCT L Enable vncserver@:10

Ln-s '/etc/syStemd/system/vncserver@.service '

'/etc/systemd/system/ '

(7) Close process

Code as follows:

Systemctl disable vncserver@:d isplay_number.service

Systemctl stop Vncserve r@:d Isplay_number.service

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