Relationship between ASP. net vb. NET and C #

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The difference between ASP. net vb. NET is clear in this section:

ASP. NET is a powerful programming environment launched by Microsoft. You can use C # and other advanced languages and scripting languages, HTML, XML, and XSL to create network-based applications. ASP. NET regards C # As an object-oriented language. In many aspects, C # will become a language similar to Microsoft and Java. C # is one of the most important functions in ASP. NET development. Microsoft will develop C # into a strong competitor of Java. This is also an important part of the Microsoft. Net Framework. I think C # is the main tool for Microsoft to beat its opponent in the programming language field.

ASP. NET is superior to ASP programs in terms of object-oriented, database connection, and large site applications. ASP. NET also provides more new features, such as built-in object caching and PAGE result caching; built-in XML support, which can be used for simple processing of XML datasets; server Control provides more interactive systems.

ASP. NET is still completely locked in Microsoft's operating system. To realize ASP. NET's potential, you need to use C # Or These two languages will become the core scripting language of ASP. NET standards.

Let's look at the following section about VB. NET in ASP. net vb. NET:

Some may say that VB developers use VB. NET is even better, but as I mentioned earlier, VB. NET is not VB, because developers must learn OOP and. NET principles, such as thread technology, exception handling, and delegation, developers almost learned a new language. C # is a natural language that can be used for. NET, and does not require VB. NET. Use semicolons;) and brackets {}) are not that difficult!

To put it simply, ASP. NET is Microsoft's mainstream development environment for Web applications, while C # and VB. NET is the main programming language in use ). among them, C # should be more mainstream and the main means for Microsoft to compete with JAVA, or the mainstream development tools that Microsoft deems, while VB. NET is to make it easier for a large number of VB programmers to accept.

The author suggests that if you want to perform complex development on the Microsoft platform, it is not simply based on ASP (not ASP. NET), but involves more complex database operations, more complex interfaces such as Ajax technology), it is best to learn C #, because even if you are a VB programmer, learning C # is not necessarily better than learning VB. NET fees, but it is much more convenient to do things, because a large amount of resources are still in the C # aspect.

For example, we can see that a quick development platform that can easily implement rich client WEB applications provides a large number of Ajax-based components, it also provides a data layer preset mechanism to help users develop Web applications more easily, such as ASP. net vb. NET, which is positioned for fast application development products, are all located in C #, rather than VB. NET.

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