Relationship between typical pad diameter and maximum wire width

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Solder Pad diameter (inches/mil/millimeters) Maximum wire width (inches/mil/millimeters)

0.040/40/1 Jun 15 0.015/15/0 .38
0.050/50/1 .27 0.020/20/0 .5
0.062/62/1 .57 0.025/25/0 .63
0.075/75/1 .9 0.025/25/0 .63
0.086/86/2 .18 0.040/40/1 .01
0.100/100/2 .54 0.040/40/1 .01
0.125/125/3 .17 0.050/50/1 .27
0.150/150/3 .81 0.075/75/1 .9
0.175/175/4 .44 0.100/100/2 .54

Design check. The following checklists cover all aspects of the design cycle. For special items, additional items should be added to the application.

1) is the circuit analyzed? To smooth the signal circuit into basic units?
2) Does the circuit allow short or isolated key leads?
3) what must be blocked? Is it effective?
4) is the basic grid graph fully utilized?
5) is the size of the printed board the best?
6) is the selected wire width and spacing used as much as possible?
7) is the preferred Pad Size and hole size used?
8) is the photo background and simplified image appropriate?
9) is the cross-wiring used least? Do I need to pass through components and accessories for cross-wiring?
L0) are letters visible after assembly? Is the dimension and model correct?
11) in order to prevent foaming, does a large area of copper foil open a window?
12) Is there a tool for locating holes?

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