Religious representation of faith, is a white lie

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In ancient times, due to the lack of natural science, communication is not developed, the human face of many problems can not be solved, and most people are greedy, ignorant, not self-made, if we compete with each other, persecution, mutual distrust, coupled with an uncontrolled disease, disaster, such a society is not hell. This time, the religion of the advice of others, to self-control, to be good faith, to help each other and understanding, so as to save people from hell, but how to do and say, can persuade others, the desire to sprinkle a lie, tell others good inevitably, evil has retribution, not not to report, but the time has not come, and like dry bad hell The existence of Buddha and God, etc.
From the point of view of the mind, this lie is very good indeed. But now the society, science and technology and culture is highly developed, understand the religion of a lot of things are nonsense, but most people are still greedy and ignorant, people do not have faith, although through law, morals to guide people, then, the existence of the future of the religion of the road is what

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Religious representation of faith, is a white lie

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