Relive PHP's quick sort

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Rationale: Select any element in the current array (usually the first one) as the standard, create a new two empty array before and after the current array, and then iterate through the current array, if the element value in the array is less than or equal to the first element value, put it in an empty array, or put it behind an empty array.

1 //Quick Sort2 functionQuick_sort ($arr) {3     //get the number of array cells4     $count=Count($arr);5     //determining the length of an array6     if($count<= 1) {7         return $arr;8}Else {9         //define two empty arraysTen         $before=$after=Array(); One         //iterating through an array A          for($i= 1;$i<$count;$i++) { -             //Judging by the first element as a criterion -             if($arr[$i] <=$arr[0]) { the                 $before[] =$arr[$i]; -}Else { -                 $after[] =$arr[$i]; -             } +         } -         //Recursive invocation +         $before= Quick_sort ($before); A         $after= Quick_sort ($after); at         //Merging Arrays -         return Array_merge($before,Array($arr[0]),$after); -     } - } -Test - $arr=Array(16, 9, 3, 12, 88, 19, 18, 16); in Var_dump(Quick_sort ($arr));

Relive PHP's quick sort

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