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"Internet weekly News" The News of Microsoft's aggressive foray into the Internet service industry has been published recently, with insiders pointing out that "Microsoft's. NET plan is a monopoly, and its broadband Internet development Program, called. NET, is one of the major steps Microsoft will take to make the Internet industry its own territory." With the May 15 news, Microsoft announced that it will launch the next generation of operating system "Windows XP" this autumn, but also caused competitors to fear that Microsoft will create a new monopoly situation. Microsoft's rival, Procomp, May 17 accused Microsoft of attempting to expand its dominance of the software market to the Internet market with its newly developed Windows XP operating system and its recently launched. NET network strategy. Microsoft is using its dominant Windows operating system and Internet browser software to force consumers to adopt its new model, the company said. NET Internet platform. Microsoft explained that "Microsoft's Internet strategy is designed to meet the needs of consumers, such as the" Hail plan, "the core is that users do not have to use the personal computer can also rely on a variety of other electronic devices to obtain relevant information, which will make users feel more convenient when surfing the Internet. NET strategy is a new creative, it will make the internet industry into a more advanced stage. Consumers will not disagree with Microsoft's approach, as Microsoft will provide them with more and better products and services. ”

In addition, May 18 Microsoft CEO Ballmer in the United States "CRN" interview also revealed that "Microsoft is promoting commitment. NET strategy of the core functions of the new service ".

Microsoft is currently pushing for development. NET service, the new service is named ". NET Enterprise Alliance (. NET Corporate Federation)" and is considered Microsoft, because its main purpose is to establish an enterprise alliance. NET strategy's "2nd" core. Microsoft plans to launch the full support in 2003. NET version of Windows (the development code name is "Blackcomb") for use by the. NET Enterprise Alliance. "Customers, manufacturers, and suppliers will be able to share," Ballmer said. NET Internet service value chain (Chain).

This March 19 Microsoft issued a commitment. NET strategy core of the Internet service Group "Hail program". In this planned service, you will combine the applications, devices, and services that users use to build personal networks, including the ability to access personal information such as calendars, address books, and documents. In addition to personal computers, can also connect portable information terminals and mobile phones and other devices. Microsoft plans to start offering a Hail plan service in the first half of 2002.

Ballmer also said that "as long as the solution provider and software developers can work together, we can develop the application of hail planning, and the hail plan to provide services and for." NET Enterprise Alliance services are embedded in a customer-facing network. The cooperation channel (Channel Partner) can support the application of. NET and hail plans. For example, when directory services ' Active directory ' is introduced in construction and law firms, it can be set. NET service interacts with the Office Active Directory via the Internet, and system integrators can also implement shared rules across the local area network and the Internet.

In addition, Ballmer revealed that the company plans to release a software developer component for the hail plan at a professional developer's meeting this fall (Professional Developers ' Conference).

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