Remedy for BIOS refresh failure

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First of all, before each flash BIOS, to develop this habit:

Enter the motherboard BIOS Setup interface:

1, the device boot sequence set to: Floppy drive---optical drive---hard drive

2. Set the video card priority boot to: PCI Card priority

It is highly recommended that you prepare a PCI video card that can be used normally on your machine, because there may be unexpected problems during the refresh process, and with the help of a PCI graphics card, the remedy will be much easier.

Using the floppy drive

1, the preparation of a floppy disk diskette (can be produced under the WinXP Boot floppy disk)

2, download the nvflash441 refresh program, and then nvflash441 two files Cwsdpmi.exe and Nvflash.exe copy to the floppy root directory

3, the original BIOS backup files are also copied to the floppy root directory, assuming that this BIOS is backup.rom.

4. Create a text file in the root directory of the floppy disk, open it, and copy the following line to the text file:

Nvflash-u-P Backup.rom

The full name of the text file is then changed to Autoexec.bat and the file becomes an icon with a small gear when it is finished.

5, the first experiment on your machine, to see if the work is normal, especially to see what key to press in the middle, refresh the program will continue!

The general program will pause in the middle, you need to press Y key to confirm, so estimated from the start of the computer startup to appear this hint about how long, you wait a few seconds, and then press Y key to confirm.

6, the Refresh program running, the keyboard on the three lanterns turn flashing, this is a very useful hint, to pay attention to see. After the refresh program completes the refresh action, the machine will give a sound hint ("drip"), indicating that the refresh is complete, at this time the keyboard lights do not flash. Remove the floppy disk at this time, press "reset" key to reboot the system.

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