Remember as front-end developers ran to interview

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First talk about the results, "Qin General", and I interview for 1.5 hours, very moved, and then rejected me.

17th 16 O'Clock this month, the invitation, 18th 9 o'clock to the Division interview, although now only in the forefront of the field, because there have been 1 years of ASP (C #) Work experience, also gladly go.

In the conference room after a simple greeting, no written questions, directly to the interviewer Qin always talk about personal history, 1 years of technical to work experience (angular+c#. NET), and the recent transformation in the Web front-end development action, "One Night Time" to the interview company home page "copy" and innovation, to demonstrate personal ability. Qin always welcomed this, introduced the company's existing construction of the system V8.0 (Delphi), planning to build V9.0 (C #. NET), the service object for import and export, Customs declaration, cargo management and other production-oriented enterprises, while identifying the individual learning concept, give "serious perseverance" evaluation, but due to B/S and c/s direction differences, tactfully hinted conclusions, and then suggested that the "Hunan Sea Business Company."

Then time, Qin and I study the spirit, continue to explore the development of software problems: the focus of the company's leadership focuses on data flow problems, requires accurate, traceable, complete, real-time characteristics.

I introduced to Qin one of the front-end frameworks, Angular, to inform two-way data binding, templates, components, modules, services, instructions and other application principles. (communication, there have been staff 3 degrees to use the studio, all were rejected by the Qin Dynasty.) )

Finally, the view of "database triggers and stored procedures" to solicit the Qin general simple opinion, it is expressed to: trigger similar event binding, response, associated users; Most of the stored procedures involve operations, have a package process, can trigger the process on multiple platforms, so that different back-end languages do not need to write data processing methods, another feature is nested, The stored procedures are nested with each other, followed by an illustrative example.


Remember as front-end developers ran to interview

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