Remember "Raspberry Pi 3."

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2016.2 month release of the new Raspberry Pi 3 (I wish I remember the time), and then in mid-March, a treasure began to have goods, started a board + acrylic Shell + fan.

3 generation of heat is really big, before the online also saw a lot of people say calorific value, sure enough to buy a fan is the right choice, did not buy copper heatsink affixed to a mistake. You can consider buying a sticker next week. There are still more stem, look at the bar, some people say paste up, and then take down the time, the chip is also glued down haha haha haha, this glue or bad, estimated affixed on the can not get down.

Let the Raspberry Pi run up, need not much hardware, a 32G TF card, a card reader, an HDMI DVI line, a wireless mouse suit, a monitor, a mobile phone charging line, you can let the Raspberry Pi run up.

Raspberry Pi ran quickly, the first experience is the Raspberry Pi official system, but I think this system is not good, although very small, but the function is much less than Ubuntu mate, and now I do not understand, the PI system account password is how much?

Today re-installed Ubuntu mate 16.04LTS, temporarily feel like x86 version of Ubuntu, just can't set update source as if, in addition to the CPU occupancy rate is relatively high, before a process has accounted for a core 100% utilization (one of 4 cores), I am very uncomfortable, direct CTRL + ALT + F1 into the command line, GVFSD SMB brows seems to be related to what the file system. It's not very clear at the moment

System is self-powered with WiFi, but because I just entered the system, and no hint that WiFi has been started, this is similar to the previous system, the reason I guess, the power of the charger is not enough, and a fan has been blowing (5v 0.2A This 1W power AH), WiFi signal has been bad, often broken , so later to determine its stable run, it is best to buy with the network cable more reliable point.

The system's desktop wallpaper is still pretty good.

At present, he is connected to a power cord, with WiFi connection to the home router, on my computer with putty to connect it, so that is familiar feeling. (System resources are used or relatively small)

below to see the hardware information of the Raspberry Pi. By the way, familiarize yourself with the command to view hardware information on Linux.

LSCPU Display 4-core processor, frequency 600~1200mhz

Free-m memory information, a total of 925M, using 64M

LSBLK disk information Because it is a 32G memory card.

Software Related:

Ubuntu Mate16.04lts has Java and Python2 Python3 installed by default.

Just install the system, I installed the zsh, now also can operate zsh, happy.

Installation zsh Reference article:

The next step is more play, you can use it to run their own game server programs, you can also run some other services.

Remember "Raspberry Pi 3."

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