Remember the Cloud Test experiment-openstack-icehouse-installation Ntp-qpid-mysql

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MySQL can be replaced with MARIADB

Earlier in the 51cto blog saw a teacher wrote a seven version of the deployment plan, written very good, has been collected.

Yum Install Ntp-y


#server Iburst

#server Iburst

#server Iburst

#server Iburst

Restrict mask nomodify


Fudge Stratum 10

Service NTPD Restart

Chkconfig ntpd on



Yum install MySQL mysql-server mysql-python-y


Bind-address =

Default-storage-engine = InnoDB


Collation-server = Utf8_general_ci

Init-connect = ' SET NAMES UTF8 '

Character-set-server = UTF8

Service mysqld Restart

Chkconfig mysqld on


/usr/bin/mysqladmin-u root password ' 000000 '


Remove anonymoususers? [y/n] Y

Disallowroot login remotely? [y/n] n

Removetest database and access to it? [y/n] Y

Reloadprivilege tables now? [y/n] Y

Yum Install yum-plugin-priorities openstack-utils openstack-selinux-y

Yum Upgrade-y

Yum Install Qpid-cpp-server-y



Service Qpidd Restart

Chkconfig Qpidd on

This article is from the "Jasmine Love Study" blog, please be sure to keep this source

Remember the Cloud Test experiment-openstack-icehouse-install Ntp-qpid-mysql

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