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Remote sensing data

1 AVHRR, DEM, EO-1 data

2 ASTER, Moids, EO-1 data

3 EO-1 Hyperion Data Introduction URL


4 in-room hyperspectral data (400nm~700nm) spectral resolution of 10nm


5 hypercube a high-spectral processing tool

The site contains two hyperspectral data, and one of the data (Urban) is often used to do the study of blending algorithms

6 matlab hyperspectral Image processing Toolbox


Provides algorithms for blending, change detection, target detection, MNF transformation, etc.

7 high-Spectral data URLs


The site collects several high-spectral data addresses, including commonly used aviris data, as well as a few newer data, including the following data;

1) Free AVIRIS Data

2) rit-cis-dirs Target Detection Blind test-data containing targets with ground truth field and lab spectra.

3) Niclas Wadströmer, Jörgen Ahlberg and Thomas Svensson. "A new hyperspectral DataSet and some challenges." Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery XVI. SPIE. 2010.


Remote sensing data

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