Remove GIS data attribute value spaces (GDB,MDB,SHP)

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Bulk Delete GIS data attribute value spaces

#-*-coding:utf-8-*-# on:2015-05-04 10:25:22.00000#(generated by wanglin_tjch)#Description:# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------#Import arcpy ModuleImportarcpyImportOs.pathImport TimeImportRandom fromarcpyImportEnvfcdbdir="d:\\aaa"DICALLFC={}fcall=[]gdballpath=[]if  notisinstance (fcdbdir,unicode): Fcdbdir= Fcdbdir.decode ('Utf-8')#Get Dataset and Featureclass,store in Dicallfc,key =fc value= DSifos.path.exists (fcdbdir): forDirpath,dirnames,filenamesinchOs.walk (fcdbdir):#Traverse gdb folder to get GDB         forDirNameinchDirnames:if ". GDB" inchDirname:gdbfilepath=Os.path.join (dirpath,dirname)if  notGdbfilepathinchGDBAllPath:GDBAllPath.append (Gdbfilepath)#Iterate MDB folder get MDB         forFileNameinchFilenames:ifOs.path.splitext (filename) [1]=='. mdb': Mdbfilepath=Os.path.join (dirpath,filename)if  notMdbfilepathinchGDBAllPath:GDBAllPath.append (Mdbfilepath)#Traverse shp folder to get shape         forFileNameinchFilenames:ifOs.path.splitext (filename) [1]=='. SHP': Shpfilepath=Os.path.join (dirpath,filename)if  notDirpathinchGDBAllPath:GDBAllPath.append (Dirpath) forEveryfilepathinchGDBAllPath:env.workspace=Everyfilepath singlefclist= arcpy. Listfeatureclasses (""," All")        ifSinglefclist andLen (singlefclist) >0: forSinglefcinchsinglefclist:#if SINGLEFC is Unicode then do not change, otherwise utf-8 SINGLEFC encoding is decoded to Unicode                if  notisinstance (singlefc,unicode): SINGLEFC= Singlefc.decode ('Utf-8')                ifisinstance (everyfilepath,unicode): Fcfullpath= everyfilepath+"\\"+SINGLEFCElse: Fcfullpath= everyfilepath+"\\"+singlefc.encode ('gb2312') Fields=arcpy. ListFields (SINGLEFC) Stringfields= []                 forEveryfieldinchFields :ifEveryfield.type = ="String":                        if  notEveryfield.nameinchstringfields:stringfields.append ( (stringfields) >0:with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor (SINGLEFC, stringfields) as cursor: forRowinchcursor: forIinchRange (0,len (stringfields)):#indicates that there are spaces around the property value                                if  notisinstance (row[i],unicode): Tempunicodestr=str (row[i]) Instunicode= Tempunicodestr.decode ('Utf-8')                                Else: Instunicode=Row[i]if(instunicode!=Instunicode.strip ()): Row[i]=Instunicode.strip () cursor.updaterow (row) Print "Delete Space"+fcfullpath+"@"+instunicode+" -"+instunicode.strip () +"@Succeed at"+time.strftime ("%y-%m-%d%x", Time.localtime ()) Datasetlist= arcpy. Listdatasets ("","Feature")         forDataSetinchdatasetlist:#If the dataset is Unicode, it does not change, otherwise the Utf-8 dataset encoding is decoded to Unicode            ifisinstance (dataset,unicode): DataSet=DataSetElse: DataSet= Dataset.decode ('Utf-8')            ifisinstance (everyfilepath,unicode): Env.workspace= everyfilepath+"\\"+DataSet Dspath= everyfilepath+"\\"+DataSetElse: Env.workspace= everyfilepath+"\\"+dataset.encode ('gb2312') Dspath= everyfilepath+"\\"+dataset.encode ('gb2312') Fclist= arcpy. Listfeatureclasses ("")            ifFclist andLen (fclist) >0: forFcinchfclist:#If FC is Unicode then do not change, otherwise Utf-8 FC encoding is decoded to Unicode                    ifisinstance (fc,unicode): FC=FCElse: FC= Fc.decode ('Utf-8')                    ifisinstance (dspath,unicode): Fcfullpath= dspath+"\\"+FCElse: Fcfullpath= dspath+"\\"+fc.encode ('gb2312') Env.workspace=Fcfullpath Randomviewname= fc+"View"+str (Random.randint (1,100000)) Stringfields=[] fields=arcpy. ListFields (Fcfullpath) forEveryfieldinchFields :ifEveryfield.type = ="String":                            if  notEveryfield.nameinchstringfields:stringfields.append ( arcpy. Makefeaturelayer_management (Fcfullpath, randomviewname) env.workspace=Everyfilepath forIinchRange (0,len (stringfields)): Strwhere="Char_length ("+stringfields[i] +") <> char_length (TRIM (BOTH ' from"+stringfields[i]+"))"arcpy. Selectlayerbyattribute_management (Randomviewname,'new_selection', strwhere) with Arcpy.da.Editor (Env.workspace) as Edit:arc Py. Calculatefield_management (Randomviewname,stringfields[i],"!"+stringfields[i]+"!. Strip ()",'PYTHON')                                Print "Delete Space"+fcfullpath+"succeed at"+time.strftime ("%y-%m-%d%x", Time.localtime ())exceptarcpy. Executeerror:Print(arcpy. Getmessages (2))                        Else:    Print "Dir not Exist"Print " Done"
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Remove GIS data attribute value spaces (GDB,MDB,SHP)

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