Rent a Hong Kong cloud host, or rent a Hong Kong independent server, which is better

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As a variety of cloud computing, cloud host promotion popularization, can be described as overwhelming, successive large and small Hong Kong IDC suppliers and service providers have also responded, and then launched the cloud host rental products and services. So the question is, Hong Kong cloud host and Hong Kong server which is better? How to choose to become the major webmaster and enterprise users of the problem. Hong Kong Kwai Fong Engine room with its own experience today to explain to you the advantages of the two.

1. Advantages of Hong Kong cloud host

Hong Kong Cloud host is a cloud-based server cluster cloud deployment, each server has a mirrored backup, a single server failure does not affect the normal operation of the site, so conceptually in terms of security than the independent server, and the cloud host can be elastic expansion or contraction, in terms of flexibility is also notch above, Can effectively avoid the waste of resources and costs, white point is that the price is relatively cheap. In fact, the security of Hong Kong cloud host is not the performance of Hong Kong independent server, the main reason is that the cloud host is shared, all the resources are using some technology to divide a separate server into N-Cloud host, and then share the resources of the standalone server. Unexpectedly know is shared, then should be very clear, as long as the other hosts in the shared resources were attacked, it will certainly be compromised their own cloud host. More suitable for small businesses to display products or companies.

2. Advantages of Hong Kong servers

Hong Kong independent server hardware is very stable during operation, so the performance of independent servers is very strong, in the same configuration, the performance of the cloud host is less than the independent server. In addition, in terms of speed, independent servers are also better, because Hong Kong's independent server is the exclusive bandwidth, usually fiber direct or dual-line network and convergence switch interconnection, such network conditions faster than the cloud host is much faster. In addition, because it is a standalone server, all the resources are exclusive, not to share with others, nature will not be affected by others, but the price is slightly more expensive than the cloud host, but the value for money, in the economic conditions can withstand the case recommended use. More suitable for medium and large enterprises, marketing products to promote.

In short, whether it is Hong Kong cloud host or Hong Kong server to see which is better, according to their own needs and business development to see. The biggest difference between the two is the difference in performance and price, if the server performance configuration requirements, the proposed use of Hong Kong independent server. Hong Kong rental Independent server has a number of, for example, Hong Kong Kwai Fong Room, owned property, self-built computer room, with all the mainstream operators in Hong Kong bandwidth line, IP resources, the room provides 7x24 hours of after-sales service.

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Rent a Hong Kong cloud host, or rent a Hong Kong independent server, which is better

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