Repairing MySQL database tables with phpMyAdmin management tools

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Incorrect key file for table ' test_xxxxx '; Try to repair it, peak network technology Rui Cloud host customers on the Web site to prompt this error, after a D to judge this is because the MySQL data table is bad, usually the server suddenly power off, forced shutdown, and other failures, resulting in the mysqld process in writing the table was killed, In this simple explanation, you can use the phpMyAdmin management tool to repair MySQL data tables.

A Open phpMyAdmin, enter MySQL account, password, go to phpmyadmin admin page

Two On the Administration page, select the database table "Test_xxxxx" that you want to prompt before, or use "Select All" at the bottom of the page to check all.

Three Click on the "Checked items" drop-down box at the bottom of the page to select "Repair table"

After determining the page will refresh, return to the execution results

(Warm tips: We recommend that you do a backup of data backup work, before the operation of the database must have a backup) AC qq:2881064157

Repairing MySQL database tables with phpMyAdmin management tools

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