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0709 This color-adjustment command is similar to the hue/saturation command We've learned in the previous study, and it's actually a branch of the Hue/saturation command feature. Click the color area you want to change in the image when you use it, the grayscale image of the active area appears in the Settings box (select the Display selection option), White is the active area, and the black is the invalid area. Changing the color tolerance can enlarge or decrease the range of valid areas. You can also expand and narrow a limited range by using the Add to sampling tool and subtracting the tool from the sample. The method of operation is the same as hue/saturation. Although the color tolerance and the increase or decrease of sampling are all for the effective range of changes, but it should be said that the change in color tolerance is based on the scope of the sample.

In addition, you can also directly click on the grayscale image to change the effective range. But the effect is not as intuitive and accurate as in the image. In addition to clicking OK, you can also observe the changes in the effective range by dragging the mouse in the image or grayscale.

0710 This method of using gray scale image to represent range we have already contacted in the course #04, there is also a kind of constituency tool we did not learn, it is through the gray graph to express the choice of valid range of color Range command.

Start this command by selecting > Color Range, as shown on the left. Click or drag in the image to determine the selected color, you can increase or decrease the color sampling and color tolerance. You can choose a fixed color in the top selection and you can change the preview of the image in the bottom selection preview, which refers to an image that is opened in Photoshop. As for the reversed-phase option is alternating selection with the selected area. The bottom right image is the selection effect that is generated after you confirm your selections.

In addition to selecting the color range directly for the entire map, you can also create a selection in advance, and then select the selection command using a color range, so that only the selected range appears in the preview of the Color Range command, and the resulting selection is limited to the original selection, as shown in the 3 figure below.

Of course, you can also subtract an area after you create a selection for the entire diagram. As an example of the final selection for the following figure, you can use the Rectangular marquee tool 〖m/shift M〗 minus the portion of the right except for the container and the gantry, after you create a selection for the entire diagram.

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