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in. NET development often involves the development of reports, usually we use reporting tools to quickly generate reports, report generation tools are most commonly used are Crystal Reports , Stimusoft Reports, below we take Stimulsoft Reports as an example, Make a quick report generation tutorial, while the Crystal Report can also be imported into Stimulsoft reports.

now start creating a simple column report:
Open VS2012, locate the Stimulsoft reports control
1. Report Designer running the report Tool
2. Connect to the database:
2.1 Creating a new connection
2.2 Creating a new data source
3. Put data on a report template that needs to be present on the statement
4. Edit the data band
5. Use the data from the definition attribute to define the data band of the data source
6. The text component of the report is placed in the data strip
7. Edit text and text box content and edit it yourself according to the reporting requirements
8. Click the Preview button or call the viewer, press F5 or click the Preview menu item
9. Return to the report template interface of the report tool
10. Depending on the reporting requirements, you can add additional bands to the report template.
11. Edit these bands
12. Put the expression text component into these bands
13. Editing text and text components
14. Click the Preview button or call the viewer, press F5 or click the Preview menu item

To add a style:
1. Return to the report template
2. Select the data band
3. Change the value of the attribute of the cardinality or even style. If the values of these properties are not set, select Edit Style on the list of attribute values and create a new style with the style designer.
Click the Style Add button to create a new style. Select a component from the drop-down menu. Set the Brush.color property to change the background color of the row.
4. Display the report, click the Preview button or call the viewer, press F5 or click the Preview menu item.

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