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1. Linux Command Line
    • Linux Reference card-great Reference published on Fosswire website

    • One page Linux manual-great one page reference to the most popular Linux commands

    • Unix Tool Box-an Incredibly exhaustive reference for all things Linux.

    • Treebeard ' s Unix Cheat sheet-a great reference with Dos comparisons

    • Terminal shortcuts-cheat Sheet for the most common Terminal shortcuts

    • More Terminal Shortcuts-more shortcuts for history and X

2. Linux Security
    • Linux security Quick Reference guide-an Awesome security checklist Reference

    • IP tables-if Interested in Linux firewalls This is a must has

    • Tcpdump-great cheat sheet to an awesome security tool

    • Wireshark Filters-an Awesome list of Filters for the best packet sniffing utility

    • IP Access lists-cheat sheet for IP access Lists

    • Common ports-in case you don ' t has all Common Ports memorized

    • Netcat-reference to the Swiss Army Knife of networking

3. Linux Administration
    • Linux Admin Quick reference-pdf cheat sheet of common Linux administration tasks

    • Crontab reference-also See learning Cron by Example

4. Gnome/kde
    • Useful Gnome/kde Shortcuts

    • KDE Cheat sheet-kde specific Cheat Sheet

5. Sed/awk/vim and other tools
    • Vi Cheat sheet-who doesn ' t love vi/vim. Also Check out my guest post on Vim.

    • Concise Vim Cheat Sheet

    • awk Nawk and gawk cheat Sheet-awesome awk sheet, also check out awk is a beautiful tool

    • Sed Stream Editor Cheat sheet-savvy sed

    • Screen Quick Reference-quick Reference to a must has screen emulator, Also check out Introduction to GNU screen

    • Screen Terminal Emulator Cheat sheet-pdf Cheat Sheet for screen

    • Vi/vim Cheat sheet-nice vim/vi Keyboard Layout reference

6. Distro Specific
    • Ubuntu Cheat Sheet-ubuntu specific Cheat Sheet

    • Debian Cheat Sheet-debian specific Cheat Sheet

7. Everything Else
    • Online man pages-the Ultimate Cheat sheet Repository. Also use the 'Man ' command.

[Reprint] Linux Quick check table

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