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Since the launch of chrome, it has become more and more popular with users and developers because of its extremely fast startup speed and page loading speed, increasing powerful plug-ins and simple and fresh interfaces, its market share is also rising, and people also believe that it is only a matter of time to replace IE and Firefox.

In Chrome, users can easily add a variety of plug-ins to improve the efficiency of daily work. Here we have selected 27 Practical chrome plug-ins for designers and developers, hope to help you.

1. appjump application initiator and administrator

After you add the above plug-ins, you will certainly need tools to manage your plug-ins. Appjump is a chrome plug-in that allows you to quickly find and start your applications and other plug-ins from the drop-down menu on the toolbar. A cool feature of appjump is to organize applications and plug-ins into different groups. For example, you can easily separate personal plug-ins from work plug-ins for more effective time management.


2. awesomescreenshot (snapshot)

As the name suggests, awesomescreenshot can take snapshots of the entire and partial pages. After that, you can use circles or underscores to highlight the relevant parts, or blur irrelevant content and make comments. You can save images to your local device or upload and share images.


3. Aviary screencapture (aviary screen capture)

After introducing awesomescreenshot, let's introduce another tool. Maybe you may wonder why we want to introduce the two tools. This is because awesome screenshot has a disadvantage, it needs to access all the data in the history of your computer and browser. for users, this is undoubtedly a violation of their privacy, and aviary does not need to obtain user personal information.


4. Chrome sniffer (chrome sniffer)

Chrome sniffer allows you to check the frameworks used by any website. It can locate and display any known Content Management System (CMS) or Javascript library on the website. This plug-in feature is undoubtedly great for browsing exciting websites that are not human. Currently, chrome sniffer can detect more than 100 frameworks.


5. Cloud save)

It is facing a huge transformation from local operations to working on the cloud. As a designer and developer, you are used to working on the network, but do you want to save important files online? If your excuse is that this storage method is not convenient, you may need to check what cloud storage is. It allows you to save files from any website that supports cloud storage, such as Amazon, Dropbox, and Flickr.


6. Code cola

Codecola allows users to edit individual webpages on the website. It allows you to click an area of the webpage and automatically edit CSS.


7. Reset ate ipsum

Corporateipsum is an interesting alternative to the standard lorem ipsum text whitelist. With this plug-in, you can use the "Publish ate" Speak (Enterprise Public Relations) and buzzwords to whitelist your website. An example of using ate ipsum is "competent and target enterprise data with a multi-functional concept ." This plug-in is based on popular Mac products with the same name.


8. diigo bookmarks/archives/highlighting and instant stickers

Diigo is short for Internet information groups and other things. It is an online research tool that enables users to manage information. Highlight webpages in multiple colors, and immediately paste them on your social network communication page, and create groups to share your research.


9. drag2up

Drag2up is an easy-to-use file attachment system. Instead of clicking various windows, you only need to drag the file you want to upload from your computer to the upload box. You can also upload the file to various hosted websites, this plug-in is one of the functional plug-ins that must be downloaded, including Flickr, imageshack, Twitpic, and box.net.

10. eye dropper

From time to time, you may encounter some perfect green shadows, and you want to integrate them into your page design, the eye dropper plug-in will help you find the exact shadows, it also tracks your color history.


11. firebug Lite

Firebug is a great tool that makes it difficult for people to transition from Firefox. Fortunately, Chrome has a plug-in called firebug, which provides a similar function. Firebug Lite works with chrome development tools to enable developers to check and edit HTML and DOM elements. It also allows you to easily debug. Firebug Lite is actually a Javascript file. Once a webpage is inserted, it is like the original firebug.


12. greplin

Greplin allows searching in your private data. Use this plug-in to find information you submitted on different websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and even Gmail. It adds an index to the data so that the data is easy to search and does not need to be searched through your historical records. Therefore, you can easily call the data in greplin.


13. html instant

Htmlinstant is a real-time HTML tool. It provides the image splitting function. When you type code on the left of the separation screen, you can view the effect in real time on the right. HTML instant not only supports HTML, but also supports CSS and JavaScript. You can also upload images from image shack, Photobucket, or randomly hosted images. This HTML editor is also easy to use for beginners.


14. ie Tab

The IE tab plug-in allows you to view web pages from a simulated IE, while still using the Chrome browser, because IE is still the preferred browser for most netizens, at present, some websites still run best in IE, and even only support IE. This Tab allows you to use internetexplorer without sacrificing your dignity. First, the IE tab is only applicable to Windows. This is because it uses Windows's built-in Internet Explorer rendering engine. For this reason, we can only blame Mac users for their bad luck.


15. image properties context menu (image attribute environment menu)

The image attribute environment menu is a useful chrome plug-in that provides all information related to the selected image. You can locate the image location and source image, and display the image size and file size. This is a simple and effective plug-in. For some reason, this function is not included in chrome.


16. measureit!

Measureit is a ruler of the designer. You can use it to measure the size of any element on the page. You just need to click the plug-in and drag the ruler to quickly and conveniently measure the size.


17. microstock photo power search tool (microstock image powerful search tool)

The difference between a great web designer and a good web designer is whether you know where to get the desired picture. Any designer knows that finding the right image is one of the most time-consuming parts of the design, especially if you are looking for image resources in a few places. This plugin helps you easily search for images in five top-level image libraries, including dreamstime, fotolia, and shutterstock.


18. palette for chrome (chrome palette)

The chrome palette is very practical. You only need to right-click any image. This plugin can create a 16, 24, or 32 color palette. In addition, you can create a custom color palette, select your favorite image, and obtain the color to add it to your page design.


19. pendule

The powerful pendule plug-in combines the functions of several plug-ins in this list. Pendule allows you to view and change JavaScript and CSS. You can also view specific image information or hide it completely. This is a powerful development tool that includes color selector, HTML and CSS validators and link check.


20. Plainclothes

Plainclothes is an interesting and useful plug-in that allows you to view the summary of a website. Sometimes it is easier to see design errors or analyze how it works when it turns into black and white. Plainclothes allows you to split a webpage into a text color, a background color, and a link color. The link is underlined and the text is default. In fact, plainclothes is very useful for adding accessibility to Your webpage design.


21. Resolution Test (solution test)

You can test the web page display effect by changing the browser size. Resolution test can test the Display Effect of Your webpage at different resolutions, and you can view the resolution of the current test.


22. Search by image (search by image)

Searchby image is one of my favorite chrome plug-ins. This plug-in allows you to search for specified images on different websites. With this plug-in, you can also search for similar images. You only need to right-click the image and select "Search for the image by Google". You will find the webpage that contains the image or matches the image.

23. Session Manager

Sessionmanager can save the currently opened tags, which is especially useful for the same web page opened multiple times. This plug-in can classify and save different websites. For example, bundling all your social networking websites allows you to quickly access them without opening each site separately. Close them as quickly as possible and make sure your tags are saved.


24. tabjump

Similar to session manager, tabjump is better than blue. It not only manages your tags, but also locks tags to prevent you from accidentally disabling an important tag. If you disable a tag by mistake, tabjump allows you to re-open it, but remember that this plug-in cannot restore history.


25. toomanytabs

Because there will never be a perfect plug-in to manage browser labels, toomanytabs is another must-have plug-in that displays all opened tab thumbnails. When you open many labels, you do not need to read the label title because it provides an intuitive view effect.


26. Web Developer (Web Developer)

Webdeveloper is another comprehensive developer tool. Its developers also develop many popular Firefox plug-ins. With this plug-in, you can view and edit CSS, display the image file size, and clear session cookies.


27. whatfont

Font is a top priority for most web designers. Have you ever experienced finding the perfect font on a random website and searching for endless code to find the answer? If you want to make things easier, you can install this font to find the plug-in. Just hover your mouse over a text and find the font you want to use. This plugin not only tells you the font name, but also provides the font size and color.


PS: Jeffrey Thomas is an award-winning writer and web design consultant who can find her on her website and follow her Twitter.

Do you have any plug-ins that are not in this column? Please share with us in the comments.

25 + must-have chrome extensions for web designers and developers

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